Progress: July

First of all, thank you! We were not expecting the 50 Founders Club memberships to sell out in less than a day! It was amazing to see club memberships and merch sales go to so many familiar names: high school friends, bottle share friends, homebrewers we’d...

Sapwood Sellers: Web-store Launch

  Sapwood Cellars is tantalizingly close to our first batch of beer! The only thing left is the delivery and installation of our glycol chiller next week. At that point, we can start brewing in preparation for a September tasting-room opening… which seems close enough...

Progress: June

Progress: June   We’re into the final sprint to both brewing and licensing. By luck or skill, they seem to be running at about the same pace. It’s a good thing too as Scott left his desk job at the end of June, and Mike is following him in July! Scott has spent the...

Progress: May

We may have been a tad optimistic when we predicted a June opening for the brewery. June is here and now it is looking like an early-August for the tasting room in the best-case scenario. We’re getting really excited about the prospect of actually getting to brew...

Progress: April

Sapwood Cellars made took several massive steps in April! The big news was that we received our Federal Brewer’s Notice from the TTB! It turned out that it wasn't too difficult. For example, they didn't take issue with the drawings we submitted simply having an area...

Progress: March

Sapwood Cellars is still on track for a summer opening, although our current timeline is looking more like July than June at this point. We’re still waiting on our federal license, and the Maryland license is on hold until we receive it. In March we took...

Progress: February

  On February 16th the first “official” Sapwood Cellars test batches were briefly available to the public at the Love Thy Beer Winter Warmer Showcase. The response to Scott’s Concentrated (white wine double IPA) and Mike’s Cheater Hops: Citra Galaxy (hazy IPA) was...

Progress: January

Government-involvement is the most significant differentiator between craft brewing and homebrewing. So importantly we submitted the first of our three-levels of licensing with the federal TTB Brewer’s Notice! Filling out the online forms wasn’t daunting...


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We were recently featured on a podcast by @goodbeerhunting where we discussed starting a brewery and hazy hoppy beer. Pour one and have a listen!


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A beer writer and researcher, Scott does deep dives into the scientific literature of brewing and applies it to modern day brewing practices. Check out his work here! Scott is currently writing a book tentatively titled, “The New IPA: Scientific Guide to Hop Aroma and Flavor.”





About Michael Tonsmeire

Michael writes The Mad Fermentationist blog and the Advanced Brewing column for Brew Your Own Magazine. His book, American Sour Beers (Brewer’s Publications, 2014) is a resource for homebrewers and craft brewers alike. He worked as a consultant for Modern Times and a dozen other craft breweries before starting his own.



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