May Can Release Pre-Orders Start Now!

This month’s can release is all about hops! We have three beers available in 4-packs for pre-order: Rings of Light (5% Pale Ale, $16), Cheater Hops #12 (7.2% IPA, $18), and The Dragon (8.2% DIPA, $20). Details on each beer are below! Shard Blade (April’s DIPA) sold out in just two days, so we canned twice as much of The Dragon!

If you want a bit of variety we still have a selection of crowlers and growlers available including Sir Rupert Barrelton (English Imperial Stout aged in barrels that previously held French Cognac and then Maryland Rye Whiskey), and Salzig (the second batch of our mixed-ferment Gose with a unique Brettanomyces strain from a long-defunct German brewery). 

For this weekend, we expanded hours on Saturday (12-4 PM) and added Sunday (12-3 PM) to help reduce the number of people getting beer at any one time. When you pre-order you’ll need to select a pick-up window for your cans. Just another way we’re trying to keep everyone safe! 

If you are getting beer on Saturday, we’ll have the Big Softy Pop-Up out front. They are running a similar pre-order system, so order by 7 PM tonight if you want to go home with food along with your beer!

Rings of Light

Citra DDH Pale Ale 5.0% ABV –  $16 Four 16 oz cans

It took five batches, but Rings of Light finally makes it into cans. The closest thing we have to a core beer should be the perfect hoppy beer to drink as the weather warms! Rings of Light is the purest expression of Sapwood hoppy beer. We use every trick in our brewing arsenal to saturate it with tropical, citrusy, and melony Citra® hop aromatics. Oats provide a creamy body, while our house ale strain creates a richness too often missing from session beers.

Cheater Hops #12

Simcoe-Citra DDH IPA 7.2% ABV –  $18 Four 16 oz cans

The original plan was to make CH12 Simcoe-Amarillo, but the bag of Amarillo just wasn’t up to our standards (smelled more like onions than apricots)… luckily the Citra we had on hand was great!

A handful of hop varieties pack such appealing aromatics that brewing with them is like cheating. We named our ever-changing series of IPAs “Cheater Hops” in their honor. Each iteration starts with a similar base beer, before dry hopping with a combination of our favorite hops! We are honest brewers, that’s why we can admit when we cheat! We gave Cheater Hops #12 a base of malted barley, oats, and wheat. We then double dry-hopped with over three pounds-per-barrel of Simcoe® for its mango and pine characteristics and Citra® for its bright apricot and citrus. A bit of sweetness and a hint of vanilla from our house English ale brings it all together!  

The Dragon

Nelson-Mosaic-Blanc DIPA 8.2% ABV –  $20 Four 16 oz cans

Given how quickly Shard Blade sold out, we brewed a double-batch of this DIPA! We’ll see how long that lasts us!

Our Dragon series has been through a number of iterations: False Dragon, Dragon Reborn, and The Dragon. All are hoppy beers with rye and some combination of Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin hops. For this first canned edition we combined all three into a beer that balances tropical against dank, spicy against winey.

Pick-Up Details

Please only order beer you plan to pick-up within 24 hours. We always leave the tasting-room-door propped open so you can walk in. Give us the name on the order to check-off the list and we’ll put your beer on the bar for you to grab. 

If you’d prefer, give the tasting room a call when you arrive and we can bring your order outside to leave on the curb for you. 

All of our bartenders wear gloves while handling the beer and as a brewery we’ve got plenty of EPA-approved sanitizer to spray on cans, crowlers, bottles, and growlers.

Other Beers In The Works

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the barrel-aged sours! In the last couple weeks we’ve bottled Reality is Frequently Inaccurate (a barrel-aged golden sour with fresh grapefruit zest, hibiscus, and Spanish cedar), and Sunlight of Bygone Days (a funky Chardonnay barrel-aged Belgian Tripel with apple cider). By the end of June we’ll bottle a strong sour red with blackberries, a buckwheat saison with Maryland honey, and Elliptical Orbit 2020 (our sour dark saison with figs).

We’re already hard at work on our June can releases as well!


Mike  & Scott