First Crowlers – Now Cans

In February 90% of our sales were draft pours in our tasting room… in April it is 0%. We (Scott, Mike, Ken, Spencer and a couple of the bartenders) have been labeling, filling, seaming, and sanitizing about 500 cans a day… one at a time. On Wednesday we had a mobile canning company stop by and by 2 PM they’d filled about 6,000 cans!

Available right now are three new beers in 4-packs: Shard Blade (7.9% ABV DIPA with Galaxy and Mosaic), Double Citrus Sorbet (7.9% ABV DIPA with Vanilla and Citrus), and Diminuendo (4.5% ABV Coffee Porter). Unlike our previous can releases you can’t come into the tasting room and sample the beers on draft or even buy the cans. They are available exclusively through our website’s store for in-house pick-up. We’re limited our can stock each day, so check back in the evening if we are out.

Unlike the 16 oz “crowlers” we’ve been selling for the last few weeks these releases are canned with less oxygen exposure. That means they’ll hold up well for a couple months, but as always the colder you store them and sooner you drink them the fresher the aroma and flavor will be.

We still have a limited selection of crowler 4-packs and growlers if you are looking to round-out your order. Depending on the day we’ve got beers like Guava Salzig (our gose with pink guava), Cheater Hops #11: Nelson IPA, and Concrete Forest (Belgian Quad). We also still have a few bottles of 365.24 (7.7% ABV our gin-barrel-aged tart saison).


Coffee Porter 4.5% ABV –  $16 Four 16 oz cans

We love working with Vigilante Coffee Co. in Hyattsville, MD! They’re willing to roast a batch of beans just for us so we can add the coffee as fresh as possible. In this case we selected their Indonesia Kerinci, which they describe as “Cacao Nibs, Dark Chocolate, Prune, Molasses, Velvety.” The base beer is a roasty-sweet porter that plays up the mocha tones of the coffee.

 Shard Blade

Galaxy-Mosaic DDH DIPA 7.9% ABV –  $20 Four 16 oz cans

We paired two of our favorite hops (Mosaic and Galaxy) and dry-hopped twice for this new Double IPA! The result is a gigantic tropical hop aroma, with subtle bitterness balancing the malt sweetness. We used the Conan strain to push stonefruit aromatics. Otherwise it’s what you expect from us: hazy, juicy hops, and soft oatiness.

Double Citrus Sorbet

Citrus-Vanilla DIPA 7.9% ABV –  $22 Four 16 oz cans

Nothing quite brings out the best in our hoppy beers like citrus zest and vanilla beans! Our first “sorbet” variant was 2018’s Orange Sorbet Rings. Shard Blade got the full treatment with 1/2 lb of Tahitian vanilla beans (with a flavor between Cherry Coke and Lucky Charms marshmallows), and the zest of more than 100 citrus. We used mostly Cara Cara oranges and ruby red grapefruit, but added a little lemon and lime for depth. The combination is like rainbow sherbet in a glass!

Pick-Up Details

We’re sticking to our typical schedule (Wed-Fri 4-6 PM, Sat 1-3:30 PM, and Sundays as needed). Please only order beer you plan to pick-up within 24 hours. We always leave the tasting-room-door propped open so you can walk in. Give us the name on the order to check-off the list and we’ll put your beer on the bar for you to grab. 

If you’d prefer, give the tasting room a call when you arrive and we can bring your order outside to leave on the curb for you. 

All of our bartenders wear gloves while handling the beer and as a brewery we’ve got plenty of EPA-approved sanitizer to spray on cans, crowlers, bottles, and growlers.

We appreciate all the support we’ve received so far! We’re still moving forward with our expansions (three new 20 bbl tanks) which will allow more regular can releases like this! 250 gallons of apple cider arrived this week for our first batch of hard cider too!


Mike  & Scott