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Even though our tasting room is open once again for pours, we still have to-go beer available for pre-order! We bought a new 16oz can seamer and are filling these in as a controlled manner as possible, purging with CO2 to reduce oxygen exposure, but we suggest still thinking of them as a crowler or growler in terms of shelf-life. Hoppy beers are best consumed within three days of filling, darker/Belgian beers within a week. The beers may be good longer than that, but we make no guarantees about freshness!

Each day we’ll have a different selection of beers available, if you’re favorite isn’t available or has sold out you can still get a pre-filled growler of it!

All prices are for a four-pack of a single beer unless otherwise noted.

Descriptions of all available beers are on our tap-list page!

Cheers for your support!