First off, thanks for your tremendous support during our first full month of operation! It’s been so wonderful to see so many of you from near and far: shake hands, talk beer, give tours, and share our beers! We’ve appreciated (most) of the feedback we’ve received on Untappd, Google, Facebook and the rest of the internet. Keep it coming! Rings of Light was the first of our initial batches to kick. It was our favorite, given the combination of hop character, mouthfeel, and low alcohol. We replaced it with Light & Beauty, a similar beer in terms of malt and hops, but fermented with Lallemand’s New England Ale (a dried version of the famous Conan strain from Vermont). The fermentation added a big fruity apricot aroma to the melon and citrus provided by Citra. Don’t worry though if you preferred the original, we’ve already scheduled a fresh batch of Rings of Light to go on towards the end of November! This Friday we’re tapping our second batch of Cheater Hops, this time with Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic. New Zealand Nelson Sauvin can provide a love-it-or-leave-it aroma, either beautiful fruity white wine or “catty” depending on which side your palate falls on. If Nelson isn’t your jam, in a couple weeks we’ll be adding a new Double IPA, this time with Citra and Galaxy. It should be a tropical fruit bomb! This will be your final weekend to drink the original batch of Cheater Hops Simcoe-Mosaic-Citra. We recently released a video overview of the beer, including footage of us brewing, dry hopping, and kegging, everything from grain-to-glass! Our growlers finally arrived last week. We’re still happy to fill those from other breweries, but if you forget yours or need an extra you can always buy a 32 oz flip-top or 64 oz screw-top. We’ve had a lot of fun making dry-hopped and infused variants of our beers (e.g., Little by Citra, False Mule, Orange Sorbet Rings). Our goal is to have one or two available each Thursday, although that might not always happen. As always, the variants kegs are the only ones that you can’t get a fill of (unless you’re in the Sap Club). For example, tonight we’ve got Light & Beauty infused with a natural process coffee from a local roaster and Little by Slowly with a touch of homegrown sour cherries! If you’re looking to drink our beer somewhere away from the taproom you have a bunch of options in November. This Saturday 11/3 we’ll be pouring at the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival. Then 11/5 we’ve got a Beer Club Night right around the corner at Victoria Gastro Pub. 11/15-11/18 we’re honored to be part of the Max’s Taphouse Rare & Obscure Fest (along with the likes of Jester King, Cantillon etc.). Not to mention a tap-takeover at Downtown Crown Wine and Beer on 11/16! You can always check the new calendar of events on our homepage for events, food trucks, and other happenings! A couple weeks ago we got the good news that our Red Line (site development plan zoning fix) was approved! That was the last piece we needed for our liquor license. Once we receive it we’ll add Sundays and eventually other days (Mondays?). Should be soon, but we’ll let you know when we add hours. Cheers! Mike & Scott