Sapwood Cellars 2020 Clubs

We were amazed how many people near (and far) joined the first year of our Sap and Wood beer clubs. As a new brewery, that initial support gave us a confidence boost before opening! Memberships in our two clubs for 2020 are available now! Details are below, and all memberships will be sold through our website. Once the limits are met, that’s it. 2020 members will have right of first refusal for the same club in 2021. 

Sap Club

The Sap club is $200 and essentially our version of a mug club. The main benefits are discounts on full pours/growlers, a holiday party ticket (12/15 or 12/17), and a “Magic” growler that is the only way to get fills of our ultra-limited weekly variants. 

Our first full-time brewer is starting in December and we’re already getting quotes for build-out on phase two, doubling capacity and allowing us to can on premises! Once we begin canning (hopefully spring 2020) Sap members will be able to reserve an allocation online for each release.

Wood Club

The Wood club is $300 and includes 16 bottles of sour beer (two each of eight releases), plus discounts on additional bottles purchased, and a special one-off high-end glass!

We anticipate a less-compressed more-varied bottle release schedule for 2020 than we had in 2019. The big difference is that we’re going into the year with dozens of barrels approaching maturity! We can’t guarantee any of the beers below given the vagaries of sour beer magic and fruit sourcing but these are some of the beers we have in the works:

  • Port/Brandy Barrel Vin De Céréale
  • Sour Red with Berries
  • Barrel-aged Historic Imperial Stout w/ Brettanomyces
  • Buckwheat Brett Saison with Local Honey
  • Pale sour with Raspberry and Vanilla
  • Golden Sour with Stonefruit
  • Elliptical Orbit 2020
  • 2-year blend of pale sours
  • Gin-barrel Saison

Elliptical Orbit Bottle Release

Friday November 29th at 2 PM is our Fourth bottle release: Elliptical Orbit 2019!

Who remembers Sun Path 2018? That 4.3% ABV sweet/tart dark saison has emerged from a year in local Chambourcin red wine barrels with dried fruit as an 8% dark sour! On November, 29th at 2 PM we’ll release the bottles/draft plus draft of Sun Path 2019 (the rest of that dark rye saison is already in barrels on its way to becoming Elliptical Orbit 2020). Each year the recipes will shift and evolve, the first release is based on one of Mike’s favorite homebrew recipes. You can watch us taste through the first eight years of our creations here


In 2008 Mike and his friend Alex Howe began a tradition of homebrewing Dark Funky Saisons each fall. The recipe and results evolving and revolving over the last decade. Elliptical Orbit is our scaled-up spin on the fourth iteration, with cold-steeped dark malts, Zante currants, and dates. We aged it in Maryland Chambourcin red wine barrels for more than a year.

The result is layered with dried fruit, bright acidity, cocoa maltiness, and leathery Brett. The first entry in a renewed tradition.

Mike & Scott