Sap Club 2020 Membership


Membership for One in the Sap Club until the end of 2020.

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Sap Club Membership entitles you to $1/off each full pour, and $1 off 32 oz growlers and $2 off 64 oz growlers at our tasting room with a sweet membership card. It also allows you to purchase growler fills of any fresh hoppy beers, even the special kegs and weird experiments that no one else can bring home – in your club exclusive 1 L growler. Includes pre-release access to canned beers. This club will run from January 1st through December 31st 2020. Members will have the right of first refusal for membership in the club’s next year.

Most of the money from club membership sales will go to expand clean beer production with an eye on bringing canning in-house sometime next year. Contract brewing was a valuable foray into canning, but the more control we have over the process, the more consistent the results will be.

The Sap club does not include the benefits of the Wood club.

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