Wood Club 2024


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Wood Club 2024

The 2024 club will still include 16 bottles of barrel-aged mixed fermentation beer, but the breakdown will provide more variety!

  • Two bottles each of two club-exclusive beers
  • One bottle each of 12 additional releases
  • Exclusive club glass and t-shirt
  • 15%-discount on additional barrel-aged sour bottles

We won’t have a set release schedule, as the beers will tell us when they are ready, but we’ll allow semi-annual pickups. Plus 15%-off and priority access to pre-purchase limited sour beers and ciders before the general public! The clubs will run from January 1st through December 31st, 2024. Members will have the right of first refusal for membership in the club for 2025.

Barrel-aged Mixed-Fermentation Bottles

We can’t guarantee any of the beers below given the vagaries of sour beer magic and fruit sourcing, but these are some of the beers we have in the works for 2024.

Two Bottles Each:

  • Blueberry Barrel-Aged and Mosaic Dry Hopped Pale Ale
  • PX Sherry Cask Marylambic

One Bottle Each:

  • Gindicators 4 (Gin Barrel aged with Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots)
  • Scuppernog/Muscadine Pale Sour (Old Mother Collab)
  • Barbera Grape and Sour Cherry Pale Sour (Pen Druid Collab)
  • Cherry Brandy Barrel Opulence (Sour cherry Red)
  • Madeira Barrel Vin de Cereale
  • Carbonic Sauvignon Blanc grape Sour Pale Ale
  • Neologism (Gin Barrel and Mosaic Dry Hopped – the first batch was named to Craft Beer & Brewing’s Top 20 of 2022)
  • Stained 2024 (Raspberry and Merlot grapes)
  • Elliptical Orbit 2024 (Dark Saison with Pomegranate Molasses and Cardamom)
  • Quad soured in Bourbon Barrels with Dried Fruit
  • Barrel-aged Sour Red
  • Barrel-aged Brett Saison

Other potential releases of old favorites and new projects:

  • Russian River Brewing Collab
  • Afterthought Brewing Collab
  • Vin de Cereale with fruit (Ruby/Amethyst Throne)

Cellars Add-on 2024

The Cellars Club add-on returns for 2024! Membership includes bottles of and discounts on our “clean” barrel-aged barrel program: mostly imperial stouts (with occasional barleywines etc.). Each membership includes one bottle each of six releases with priority access and 10%-off additional bottles of all releases.

Bottles we plan to include:

  • BSAJ 2024 (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Almonds, Coconut, Cacao, and Vanilla Beans)
  • I.W. Harper Barrel Aged Stout (Barrels were Silver Oak Cabernet, then used to finish 15-year Weller Bourbon)
  • BSCV 2024 (Bourbon Stout Coconut Vanilla)
  • Munich Wine in 15-year 1792 Bourbon Barrels
  • Sagamore 7-year Rye Finished Double Barrel 24 Hour Stout
  • Weller Barrel Meadowfoam Honey Barleywine

Other potential releases:

  • Imperial Stout in Old Elk Cognac-finish Wheated Whiskey Barrels
  • Imperial Stout in 15-year Widow Jane with Coffee
  • Bridge 4 – South American Rum Barrel Quad
  • English Barleywine in Weller Barrels (Collab with Jailbreak Brewing)
  • Barrel Threads 2024
  • Vanilla Threads 2024
  • Banana Peanut Butter Stout in BLiS Maple-Bourbon
  • Cabernet Franc Barrel Stout with Cabernet Franc Grapes
  • Munich Wine in Oloroso Sherry Cask

Limited-run magnums will be occasionally available featuring one-off-blends and over-the-top adjuncts!

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