Wholesale Cases



Cases are available for wholesale purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please place orders by Monday evening, we will deliver them throughout the week. If you are picking up in the taproom please contact tiffani@sapwoodcellars.com to coordinate.

There is a three case minimum and we ask that the cases be kept cold at all times.

No payment will be made online, please have a check ready upon delivery, or feel free to mail one if that’s easier.

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We’ll send another email the next time we have cases available.


Additional information

Beers Available ->

Bottle Green, Rings of Light, Single Citrus Sorbet, Saturated Hue, Drink It Down, Shard Blade, Graveyard of Forgotten Gods, Threat Level Morning, Green Dragon, Vanillafort, Cryovolcano, Hallow Bright, The Quiet Parts Loud, Bottle Silver, Grapefruit Hallow, Can't Know, Fundle Bundle, Shadows Blacker, Double Citrus Sorbet, Dripped, Tropical Pop, Full Measure, Snip Snap, Snip Snap Black, Uncut Stones, Spoiler Warning, Exaggerated Truth, Cloud Palace, Molé’d, It's Pretty Cool to Exist, Bottle Green, The Locksmith, Much and More, Cheater Hops 18, Sky Meadow, Prophecy of the Clock, Sümzí Piña Colada, Conspiratorial Tone, Quantum Juicinator, White Dragon, Leaf Fall Up, Sideways Seltzer, Cheater X3, Simcoe Simpatico, Threat Level Midnight, Threat Level Morning, Plush Pop, Lord Rupert is Nuts, Pillowfort, False Peak, Unbound, Beam of Light, 3S4MP, Half World, Combo Wombo, Flaked, Grapefruit Rings, Don't Be Too Hasty, The Dragon, New Hop Crop, Bottle White, Crescent Hill, Danger of Light, Brötwasser, Cheater Hops #19, Red Viper, Cupped, New Roomates, Snowball Earth, Fluffy Pop, The Loud Parts Quiet, Hazelnut Sappuccino, Orange & Coconut Parfait, Sailing Into The West, Purple Dragon, Cheater Hops #20, Fullest Measure, Edge Piece, Snip Snap Session, Plush Punch, Shadows Paler, Sideways Blanc, Fumble Bumble, Hyper-Exaggerated Truth, Double Lemon-Orange Sorbet, Hedge Trimmer, Only the Trees Remember, Orange Crema, Night Mode, Cheater Hops #21, White Painting, Pillowfort Portable, Vaguely Vanillafort, Heir to Ruins, Identical Cousins, Orange Parf-IPA, Wrong Emphasis, Passionfruit Rings, Sapwood Kellers, Color of Electricity, Drenched in Green, Culinary Diplomacy, Understated Lies, Genevieve, Danger of Blue Light, Magician's Hat Trick, Crimson Dragon, Vitis Lupulus, Driftmark, Cheater Hops #22, TDH Pillowfort, Local Roaster, Könventional, Inverted Rings, Flaked, Schwarz Kümmel, Divisive, Second Date

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