American Sour Beers 10th Anniversary Tasting


Each ticket comes with one 4-oz pour each of 12 beers. There won’t be a physical ticket, we’ll just have your name at the door.
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It’s the 10th Anniversary of American Sour Beers (Mike’s Book). So we’re celebrating with a tasting and talk! The tasting will take place in our barrel-room and each session is limited to 35 people per session. Mike “The Mad Fermentationist” Tonsmeire will talk about the process and ingredients for each beer, along with our overall approach to mixed-fermentation, barrel-aging, and blending.

Beer List:

Twelve 4-oz pours included:

1. No Beginnings (2019) – Our first bottle release, a saison aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels with Brettanomyces

2 & 3. Growth Rings (2021  and 2023) – Three-year-blend of pale sours aged in wine barrels of two different vintages

4. Neologism (2022) – Gin-barrel-aged sour dry hopped with Cascade and Simcoe Cryo (Craft Beer & Brewing Best 20 Beers of 2022)

5 & 6. Invasive Species (2021) vs. Going ‘splorin (2023) – Comparing two beers aged on foraged wineberries.

7. Founders Blend 2023 #1 – Blend of barrel-aged sour reds and sour browns

8 & 9. Opulence (2019 and 2021) – Red sour aged in red wine and bourbon barrels with dried and fresh sour cherries

10. Sunlight of Bygone Days – Belgian Tripel with Brett and caramelized apple cider

11 & 12. There Are No Edges (2020 and 2022) – Strong “Vin de Cereale” aged in red wine or port barrels

A limited number of vintage bottles of some of these will be available to-go after the event.

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5/10 7-9 PM, 5/11 7-9 PM