Brewery Location Announcement

Sapwood Cellars has found a home in Columbia, MD!


After a year-long search, we’ve found the perfect location for the Sapwood Cellars brewery and tasting room: 8980 MD-108 Columbia, MD! This particular site won us over with its spacious 7,200 sq ft, high ceilings, and plenty of parking. Suite MNO is large enough that we’ll be able to grow into it with enough space for hundreds of barrels and eventually bottling and canning lines. It also features an accessible location between Rt 29 and Rt 100. By car, it’s about 20 minutes from downtown Baltimore and 30 minutes from the inner suburbs of Washington, DC.

We’re excited not to be in a remote industrial zone. Columbia Maryland was founded in 1967 with a grand design to integrate commercial and residential areas and the goal of drawing a diverse population. Last year it was ranked the best place to live in America by Money Magazine, so I guess that makes it a success! The brewery is near residential areas as well as an array of business.

By car, it’s about 20 minutes from downtown Baltimore and 30 minutes from the inner suburbs of Washington, DC.

Before deciding on this building we toured a variety of spaces from ramshackle shells with land to beautiful town-center shopfronts. As much as we’d love a rustic locale with room for an orchard, the realities of operating a start-up brewery that relies on a well and septic outweighed the scenic charm. Similarly, an area with foot traffic would be wonderful for business, but low ceilings and the same rent for half the space gave us pause.

With the lease now signed, over the next few weeks we’ll be ordering a brewhouse and tanks and submitting our federal licensing forms. It’ll be well into 2018 before all of our licensing and equipment is ready, but you might have the chance to sample our test batches at a beer festival before then!

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