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Coriolis Force (Southern Hemisphere dry-hopped lager with Cushwa and Elder Pine) – $16/4-pack

Ten Years in One Day (Pineapple Triple IPA with Jailbreak) – $22/4-pack

On Tap Now (Updated 7/20)

3.8 Special – 3.8% ABV: For our collaboration with DCBeer.com we wanted to showcase how hoppy a session beer could be. We started with a base resembling an English Bitter, then blasted it with Amarillo and Australian Vic Secret dry hopping. The combination is surprisingly creamy and full bodied for a beer whose fruity and piney hop aroma leaps out of the glass! 

House Saison #3: Buckwheat – 6.5% ABV: The third in our series of moderately-hopped ales fermented with our house culture of wild microbes. This one showcases buckwheat, a pseudocereal most known for being in wholesome pancakes. It brings a rustic toasty flavor that plays with the bright citrus from Calypso hops and earthy funk from Brettanomyces. 

Coriolis Force – 5.0% ABV: Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Elder Pine Brewing & Blending and Cushwa Brewing Co.! Coriolis Force is brewed & dry hopped exclusively with hops grown in the Southern Hemisphere: Motueka from New Zealand, Summer from Australia, and Southern Passion from South Africa. Very crisp & clean and full of unique lemony green tea notes. The perfect lawnmower beer. 

Strands of Light – 5.5% ABV: Our newest hazy oaty pale ale. This one is hopped with Citra and Idaho 7. Walks the line between bright tropical fruit, and earthy-herbaceousness. 

Plutonium Peach – 6.1% ABV: Next in our nuclear fruited sour series is peach! Ripe stone fruit jumps out of the glass mingling with a dry hop of Amarillo and Azacca lending tropical and melon depth. Like biting into a ripened peach, the controlled acidity is braced by a present dry wheaty sweetness that is followed by a lingering herbal note from the hops that is almost reminiscent of the fuzzy skin of a real peach itself!

Nu Zulund – 6.3% ABV: New Zealand hops often have fruit-forward aromatics. In this case lime from Waimea and stonefruit from Wai-iti. Those naturally mesh with acidity. We added 2 lbs/bbl of hops in the kettle post-souring, and then another 3 lbs/bbl dry hopping. The result is a bright, fruity, and refreshing IPA with sourness instead of bitterness balancing.

Cheater Hops #8 – 7.2% ABV: We gave Cheater 8 a base of malted barley, oats, and rye. We then doubled dry hopped with over three pounds per barrel of Nelson Sauvin for its white wine and gooseberry notes, Azacca for tropical mango and pineapple characteristics, and Simcoe for a touch of pine to round out the tropical fruit flavors. A bit of sweetness and a hint of vanilla from out house english ale strain brings it all together!

Fundle Bundle – 8.0% ABV: On Thursday we kegged a brand new DIPA with only Mosaic hops. Mosaic is one of the few varieties that can carry an IPA by itself as it contributes both fruity (berry-citrus) and dank (herbal-piney) notes. To push the flavor and aroma intensity we combined standard hop pellets, concentrated Cryo, and pure hop resin.

The Big Lambrusco – 9.0% ABV: Double IPAs with white wine grapes are fairly common… so we decided to be weird and add 20% red Lambrusco wine grape juice! The combination of rich raspberry and blueberry fruitiness from the grapes changes the direction of the all-Mosaic base beer. The result is a uniquely jammy hybrid of beer and wine! 

Ten Years In One Day – 11.0% ABV:  This triple IPA is the culmination of a decade of homebrewing friendship between Mike and Scott, and Rob, Jailbreak Brewing Co’s lead brewer. Crafted from a grist of base 2-row, German pilsner, and white wheat, Ten Years In One Day is, simply put, an unabashed display of hop bombast. The tropical cornucopia of Amarillo, Simcoe Cryo, Denali, Citra, Citra Cryo, Simcoe Cryo seamlessly weaves into the distinct stone fruit ester profile of Jailbreak’s house ale yeast, to construct a flavor profile that is greater than the sum of its parts.

** Variants are only available for growler fills to Sap or Founders club members in their Magic Growler.

On Deck: 

8980 rt 108 – Hefeweizen inspired Denali hopped wheat beer

Red Branch – 5.4% ABV: Our first hoppy red! The lead hop is Denali, which we used previously in 8980 Rt. 108. It provides a juicy pineapple aroma, which goes from fresh to grilled thanks to the caramel and dark malts. Citra reinforces the fruitiness, especially when the beer is cold. The mostly-German specialty malt range from caramel, to bready, to milk chocolate.

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