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What’s Available – 9/23

It’s Pretty Cool to Exist – 4.0% ABV ($3/6): In addition to its other effects, ethanol (alcohol) has a flavor, mouthfeel, and is a powerful extractor of hop aromatics. To create a DIPA with half the alcohol, we had to turn-up the hops to compensate! We dry hopped with Yakima Chief’s Cryo Pop™, a blend of concentrated hops that saturates the beer with apricot, grapefruit, and mango aromatics! Order 4-pack $12 (12 oz)

Seltz-Out: Cran – 4.8% ABV ($3/6): Our hard seltzer base with 100% fresh Cranberry and Apple Juice; a great transitional summer drink with a fall kick!

Sideways – 4.8% ABV ($3/6): For our first hard seltzer, rather than look to the beer-world we sought inspiration from the wine-world. French Piquette is low alcohol, often made by using second use grapes along with sugar. It’s bright, slightly tart, and often sparkling. We didn’t have second use grapes, so we bought more than 600 lbs of Washington State Cabernet Franc grapes for their intense berry aromatics. Order 4-pack $15

Sekund: Cab Franc – 5.0% ABV ($3.5/7)We created this beer by aging our Belgian Wit on second-use Cabernet Franc wine grapes. The result is an intense strawberry-like aroma mingled with gentle spices and mixed-fermentation funk! The grapes provide a beautiful magenta color too! Crowlers available

Prophe-Tea – 5.2% ABV ($3/6): We took the base of Prophecy of the Clock and infused it with a licorice root and peppermint herbal tea. The root provides a richer mouthfeel that plays with the light roast and the mint is subtle but leaves a bright effervescent finish as you drink through a pint. 

Leaf Fall Up – 5.4% ABV ($3/6): Fall is in the air! The crunch of leaves, the warming aroma of spiced lattes wafting from your local chain coffee shop… Leaf Fall Up is a smooth-malty dark lager infused with freshly-roasted coffee along with all of the warming spices of the season: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and vanilla! Order 4-pack $16

Prophecy of the Clock – 5.7% ABV ($3/6): Czech Tmavé Pivo is to German Schwarzbier as Czech Pilsner is to German Pilsner. Both are dark lagers, but Tmavé Pivo is smoother, rounder, and maltier. We brewed ours with Italian Pilsner and Czech Dark malts. It lagered for six weeks before canning to marry the malt and hops into a cola, cocoa, bready, herbal harmony. Order 4-pack $16

Sky Meadow – 6.0% ABV ($3/6): Rather than a classic orange-hued Oktoberfest, Sky Meadow was inspired by the modern wiesn (meadow) beers served in the tents of Munich. Lighter in color, thanks to all German malts (Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, and Chit) and hoppier from a whirlpool addition of German Tettnang. We lagered it for six weeks near-freezing before canning to create the smoothest, crispiest festbier we could! Order 4-pack $16

Sabro Says Azacca – 6.0% ABV ($3/6)Sabro says coconut! So many American hops lie in the citrus-pine flavor spectrum, so it’s fun to use a variety that falls so far from the expected! Sabro has a rich flavor and aroma with woody and tropical notes layered on coconut cream. We paired it with Azacca to reinforce those tropical-mango aromatics with a twist of mandarin. The base is a little lower bitterness than our typical Extra Pales to provide a complimentary creamy mouthfeel and high drinkability.

Cheater Hops #18 – 6.8% ABV ($3.5/7): Vic Secret from Australia and Hydra from Michigan both bring aromatics that remind us of the tropical-intensity of Galaxy. Combining all three hops gives us aromatics of passionfruit and Fruit Stripe gum, with a depth of pine and citrus compared to a Galaxy single-hop. Order 4-pack $18

Spoiler Warning – 7.1% ABV ($7 – 16oz CAN): Our goal was to replicate the character of our usual hazy IPAs, but trading the balancing bitterness for acidity. We hopped it with Strata for its beautiful tropical fruit aroma and Nectaron, a just named New Zealand variety that brings supporting citrus flavors. This isn’t a kettle sour, the acidity, alcohol, and reinforcing fruity esters all come from the Philly Sour culture. Order 4-pack $18

Exaggerated Truth – 7.2% ABV ($7 – 16oz CAN): This recipe started as Mad Fermentations Vol 4. It was our favorite and luckily one we immediately received calls to re-brew. It’s an IPA fermented with a blend of English Ale and Hefeweizen strains, then double-dry-hopped with Cashmere. Sweeter than our typical IPAs with a tropical aroma of lemongrass and candy. Order 4-pack $18

Cloud Palace – 8.0% ABV ($8 – 16oz CAN): We finally brought back the recipe from the first hazy double IPA we ever canned! We dry hopped it with equal parts Citra, Citra Cryo®, Simcoe, and Simcoe Cryo® to provide big mango and citrus aromatics. The result is a balance of juice and resin, with a touch of vanilla thanks to our house English ale strain. Order 4-pack $20

Much and More – 8.2% ABV ($8 – 16oz CAN): New Zealand-grown Motueka is too often in the shadow of Nelson Sauvin. We enjoyed Cheater Hops #14: Motueka so much that we double-ized the recipe to create Much and More! The result is loads of lime zest and tropical fruit on a creamy backdrop of oats and wheat! Order 4-pack $20

Molé’d – 10.0% ABV ($4/8 – 5/10oz): An Imperial Stout for the summer? Infused with ancho and guajillo peppers for their dried fruit flavor, and a little bit of heat. The buttery-cinnamon aroma of Brazilian amburana wood balances the chiles. The finish is creamy drinking-chocolate from cacao and vanilla. The base stout is low-bitterness and features chocolate wheat malt to reinforce the Mexican-inspired chocolate flavor. Order 2-pack $14

** Variants are only available for grolwer fills to 2021 Sap and Founders Club members.

ᴳ Enzymatically Treated to Remove Gluten 


To-Go/On-Site Bottles

Prosaic – 5.5% ABV ($14):You might expect a brewery founded by two authors best known for writing about hoppy and sour beers to brew more hoppy sour beers… Well, here you go! We blended a tart rye saison aged three months in stainless steel with a white-wine-barrel-aged multi-grain saison. We dry hopped the blend with one of our favorite hops, Mosaic Cryo®! Mosaic imparts a deep blueberry-fruitiness to mingle with the acidity and a vibrancy to brighten the earthy aroma. In House Only

Jona and Ida are a Pear – 6.9% ABV ($12): Pressed from a blend of Jona Gold, Ida Red, Greening, and Golden Delicious apples grown in Virginia. We blended in 15% local Asian pear juice to bring a touch of perceived sweetness. Fermented with our house culture. The result is balanced and effervescent, with a blend of orchard fruit aromatics. 500 mL Bottle/$10

Blue Rasp Berry – 7.2% ABV ($18): This beer has one of our most intense fruiting rates thanks to freeze-concentrated wild blueberries and frozen raspberries. A touch of perceived sweetness comes from the bourbon barrel aging and addition of Madagascar vanilla beans balances the intense acidity. In House Only

Bestagon – 8.0% ABV ($18)Bees aren’t smart, but through cooperation with each other and symbiosis with flowers they have survived millions of years. Along the way they “discovered” that hexagons of wax are the best most efficient way to store their precious honey. We added 5 gallons of Spanish thyme honey to this gin-barrel-aged sour red to impart an herbal aroma that is perfect for summer drinking by the grill or winter drinking by the fire. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Fellow Feeling – 8.9% ABV ($18): This sour blends two beers with two fruits. Malty red and amber sour ales join forces to balance the intensity of red wine grapes (Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc) and black currants. The grapes provide a vinous backdrop for the potent cassis aromatics. The balance is firmly acidic, with a drying finish. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16 

No Beginnings – 7.2% ABV ($18): No Beginnings started as House Saison #1, brewed August 2018. It spent most of the intervening year in oak barrels that previously held Sauvignon Blanc wine. In addition to our house culture, each barrel received a unique mix of Brettanomyces (the wild yeast responsible for creating fruity and funky aromatics). The combination provided a variety of aromatics with white wine leading, followed by notes of hay, lemon, and minerals. In House Only

Stallion Cover – 7.7% ABV ($14): This beer is a blend of two threads: 45% young rye saison aged in stainless steel, and 55% old wine-barrel-aged pale sour brewed with unmalted wheat and aged hops. The result is a beer with tartness and fruitiness that will continue to evolve as time passes, developing funkier and earthier aromatics. Order 500 mL Bottle/$12

Guava Salzig – 5.2% ABV ($10): We love our base gose, Salzig (German for “salty”). It’s a traditional mixed-fermentation with Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Subtle, tart, and citrusy. This version with a massive 700 lbs of pink guava is anything but traditional or subtle. The fruit adds an intense tropical flavor and increased acidity. Order 500 mL Bottles/$8

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Seltz-Out: Apple – 4.8% ABV ($3/6): Our hard seltzer base with 100% fresh Apple Juice; inspired by traditional German Apfelsaft typically drank during Oktoberfest!

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