Available Beers

On Tap Now (Updated 10/18)

Little by Slowly – 3.6% ABV: Our first sour beer! This Berliner weisse undergoes a mixed-fermented followed by natural carbonation in the keg! The flavors include tart from the Lactobacillus, fresh bread dough from the wheat malt and no-boil, and a hint of lemon from Brettanomyces.

Ziparillo – 4.2% ABV: Inspired by Belgian Wit, but without the spices. We added a touch of hefeweizen yeast to enhance to natural apricot-fruitiness of Amarillo. We added hops at the end of the boil, and in the fermentor at the start of fermentation to minimize bitterness and hop grassy flavors to allow the fruiter flavors of Amarillo to shine!

Rings of Light – 4.8 ABV%: Hazy-juicy pale ale, dry hopped 2+ lbs of Citra per barrel. Citrus and melon aromatics, and surprisingly full-bodied for a session beer. Down to our last keg!

False Dragon – 5.3 ABV%: Spicy rye malt bolstered by a yeast blend that includes a small percentage of a spicy Belgian strain. Dry-hopped twice with Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc. Both varieties have a bit of that Sauvignon blanc twang we love!

False Mule – 5.3 ABV%: Spencer, our tasting room manager was inspired by the Moscow Mule cocktail to infuse a couple kegs of False Dragon with fresh ginger and lime zest. Likely gone by the end of the weekend!

Light & Beauty – 5.6 ABV%: Our new tropical hazy pale ale. The grain and hops are the same as Rings of Light, but we upped the alcohol and body a little and fermented with Conan to add stonefruit aromatics!

Cheater Hops: SMC – 6.3 ABV%: 4.5 lbs per barrel of dry hopping with our three favorite American hops: Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra. Oats, wheat, hazy, moderate bitterness, with big tropical fruit.

House Saison – 7% ABV: Most of this batch went into Sauvignon Blanc barrels, but we ran off a few kegs to taste the young beer. Fermented with a house culture of both brewer’s and wild yeast that has been together for four years. The result is lightly funky, and a little weird (in a good way) thanks to aged Cascade hops.

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