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Draft, Single Cans, and 500 mL Bottled Beers

** Variants are only available for growler fills to 2023 Sap and Founders Club members.

ᴳ Enzymatically Treated to Remove Gluten 

O’Postropheᴳ – Irish Dry Stout – 4.5% ABV ($6.5 – 16oz CAN): Michael’s Great-Grandmother immigrated to America from Ireland in the 1880s. We took inspiration for this Irish stout from the ingredients used in recipes from around that time: Pale Ale, Amber, and Black malts. These are more flavorful (and expensive) than the unmalted barley that comprises a large portion of most Irish stout recipes today. However, we kept the modern balance of restrained alcohol, invitingly dry-roasty finish, and creamy mouthfeel! Order 4-pack/$16

Seltz Out Orangoᴳ – Hard Seltzer – 4.8% ABV ($3.25/6.5 – 7/14oz pours): In our latest effort to find another summer fruit combo this time we wen’t with Orange Mango! I was told it was going to be the summer of Mango, and adding citrus never seems like a bad idea! IN HOUSE ONLY

Hedge Trimmer – English Summer Ale – 5.0% ABV ($6.50 – 16oz CAN) : Our take on a British Summer Ale! We used our usual house English strain, but rather than load up on citrusy American or Southern Hemisphere hops we added just a touch of earthy Styrian Goldings from Slovenia and orange-tinged East Kent Goldings from England. For malt, a blend of Golden Promise and Maris Otter creates a slightly biscuity fullness. Order 4-pack/$16

Blonde Roast – English Coffee Pale Ale – 5.0% ABV ($3.25/6.50 – 7/14 oz Pours) : There are thousands of coffee stouts and porters out there. Roasted malt and roasted coffee is a delicious combination, but sometimes we want a beer that shows off the varietal notes of a coffee without over-accentuating the roast. This beer pairs a light-roast coffee with a twist of orange zest. The fresh fruit and light hopping accentuate the citrusy coffee rather than the char for a coffee beer that is down-right refreshing! Order 4-pack/$16

Osmosisᴳ – Amber Lager – 5.0% ABV ($6.50 – 16oz CAN): We brewed this Amber-hued lager with all Czech floor-malted Pilsner and Caramel malt from Raven and Czech Saaz hops. While we couldn’t import the super-soft water from Pilsen we did the next best thing, Reverse Osmosis! The resulting low-mineral water creates a crisp base that lets the hop flavor shine without accentuating the hop bitterness. The result is a malty lager that balances grassy, toffee, and herbal notes. Order 4-pack/$16

Cuttingsᴳ – Belgian Pale Ale – 5.0% ABV ($6.5 – 16oz CAN): While Belgian Dubbels, Tripels, and Quads get most of the excitement, the humble Belgian Single (Patersbier) is often ignored. It’s pale, light, bright, and a little bit hoppy. We brewed ours with with Belgian Pilsner malt and Grungeist hops, for a clean base and slight tropical fruitiness to compliment the banana and bubblegum from the Belgian ale fermentation. Order 4-pack/$16

Salzig – Traditional Gose – 5.0% ABV ($3.25/6.5 – 7/14oz Pours): We did our best to brew an authentic gose in the style in Leipzig Germany. Low in alcohol, tart, and refreshing. We fermented it with a clean ale yeast and a unique strain of Brettanomyces harvested from a now-defunct German brewery. It is soured in the fermenter with a blend of Lactobacillus. Lightly flavored with both Indian coriander and salt. For us the combination is like lemon-poppy. Growlers Available

Stay As Long As You Canᴳ – Scottish Amber Ale – 5.2% ABV ($6.50 – 16oz CAN): Mike’s mother traveled in Europe for a few months after graduating college. Her friends were heading back to the US, but Aunt Edna sent a letter with a little cash and a note to “Stay as long as you can.” During that extra time she made new friends and saw new places. Hopefully this malty session ale allows you to stay a little longer enjoying time with friends and family! Order 4-pack/$16

Homegrown RuleWild Ale with Lemon Verbena and Pineapple Sage – 5.3% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): Fruit brings aromatics, but also sugars, acids, and other compounds that alter a beer both in predictable and unpredictable ways. These two barrels already had a beautiful tart balance that we didn’t want to disrupt, so we infused them with homegrown herbs: Pineapple Sage (from Ken) and Lemon Verbena (from Mike). The result is a beautiful melding of lemondrop, hay, herbs, and oak. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Galactic Swirl – Barrel Aged Red Ale with Raspberries and Vanilla Beans – 5.5% ABV ($18 – 500mL Bottle): The 440 lbs of raspberries we used for Throwing Hearts still had a lot to give, so we added vanilla beans and refilled the tote with tart red ale! The rich caramel malt, jammy raspberries, toasty oak from rum and wine barrel aging melds into a flavor that is out of this world… literally raspberries and rum both contain an aroma molecule that has been detected swirling in the clouds at the center of the Milky Way! Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Rings of Light – Citra Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV ($3.25/6.50 – 7/14oz pours): Rings of Light is the purest expression of Sapwood hoppy beer. We use every trick in our brewing arsenal to saturate it with tropical, citrusy, and melony Citra® hop aromatics. Oats provide a creamy body, while our house ale strain creates a richness too often missing from session beers. Order 4-pack/$17

House Saison #6: Quinoa – Multi Grain Saison – 5.5% ABV ($3.25/6.50 – 7/14oz pours): We ended up using most of this batch for Hazeon New Zealand and a few variants… but we have a couple spare kegs of the base with a unique funky-herbal aroma thanks to a blend of our house saison culture and a wild culture captured by Ken! Growlers Available

Oak Aged Crescent Hill – Oak Aged Vienna Lager – 5.6% ABV ($3.25/6.5 – 7/14oz pours): Few styles exemplify beer’s “liquid bread” moniker as much as Vienna lager. The toasted German malts provide the same sorts of melanoidins created by the Maillard reactions of protein-sugar-heat you’d find in an artisanal loaf. Like bread there isn’t much sweetness left behind after cold lagering in contact with light-toast French oak. Like bread, freshness is key so this beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized! Order 4-pack/$16

Reality is Frequently Inaccurate (2022) – Sour Ale Aged in Oak Barrels with Grapefruit Zest, Hibiscus, and Spanish Cedar – 5.6% ABV ($20 – 500mL Bottle): Our golden sour base developed a beautiful fruity acidity after 18 months in barrels. We played that sourness off of the citrusy aromatics of fresh grapefruit zest and Spanish Cedar. Then we added the iconic red of hibiscus flowers, bringing with it their cranberry-like flavor. IN HOUSE ONLY

Garden Bench – Wild Ale Aged in Viognier Wine Barrels with Freeze-Dried Strawberries and Fresh Basil – 5.6% ABV ($18 – 500 mL BOTTLE): We brewed this wild ale with local barley and wheat from Dark Cloud Malting (Cooksville, MD) and fresh Cascade hops from Black Locust (Freeland, MD). We then aged it for 22 months in first-use white wine barrels with wild cultures harvested from foraged paw paws and the air around a garden bench. The restrained acidity, red apple, and mineral notes felt like a perfect base for the vibrant springtime pairing of jammy strawberry and fresh basil! Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Pineapple Rings – Pineapple Pale Ale ($3.25/6.5 – 7/14oz pours):We took our favorite pale ale (Rings of Light) with its intense Citra®-forward hop aroma of melon and orange and added the pineapple juice! The result is a blend of citrusy hops and real pineapple! It’s extra-special, extra-refreshing and extra-juicy! Order 4-pack/$18

Gigglemug – Golden Sour Aged in Wine Barrels with Mangoes – 6.4% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): Mango provides such a bright, fun, tropical flavor! For this batch we paired it with two barrels of our golden sour base. One was more than two years old, bringing acidity and oaky richness. The other, less than a year old brought vibrancy and fresh maltiness. The 330 pound of mango mingles with our citrusy house culture and balances the wood. We hope it puts a smile on your face! Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Shopper Hoarder – Barrel-Aged Cider – 6.9% ABV ($16 – 500ml Bottle): As with all of our ciders, this one started with a blend of Virginia apples (Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, York, and Ida Red) and our house culture. Then this one spent most of its maturation time in two first-use Chardonnay wine barrels. The result is an increase in acidity, mouthfeel, and richness. Order 500 mL Bottle/$14

Mad Fermentations Vol 35: NZ 101 – Experimental Hazy IPA – 7.1% ABV ($3.75/7.5 – 7/14 oz Pours): We fermented Mad Fermentation Vol 35 with a lager strain at warm ale temperatures. This makes for a fruitier base without any of the telltale sulfur notes you get from an IPL. Then dry-hopped with NZ-101 (“Lime, Ripe Mandarin, Melon, Tropical Fruit”), the latest experimental hop from NZ Hops. Sapwood is part of NZ Hop’s Bract program, so we get early access to new hops and provide feedback! Order 2pk crowlers/$13

Fumble Bumble – Mosaic IPA – 7.2% ABV ($3.75/7.5 – 7/14 oz Pours): We love Mosaic hops for their blend of berry-fruity and herbal-dank flavors. Thanks to that range or aromatics, it is one of only a handful of hops that we love on their own! We’ve brewed Mosaic DIPA and Pale Ales, but this is our first single-hopped Mosaic IPA! Growlers Available

Unrefinery – Export Stout – 7.5% ABV ($7.50 – 16oz CAN): There is a stout for every season and a stout for every region! This one is inspired by the versions you find in the Caribbean. We added unrefined cane sugar to the kettle. The molasses notes from the muscovado add savory sophistication to the raisin-plum of Belgian Special B malt, and mocha roast of German Chocolate malt. The result is a stronger-sweeter stout that is a notch below “Imperial,” but bigger and creamier than the run-of-the-(sugar)-mill! Order 4-pack/$18

Elliptical Orbit 2022 – Barrel-Aged Harvest Sour Brown – 7.7% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): This Fourth iteration of Elliptical Orbit is our spin on a fall harvest beer! With the deep flavor of roasted honeynut squash, the earthiness of a mixed-culture fermentation in oak, and just a touch of warming fall spices. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Boy, Have You Lost Your Mind – DIPA DDH with HBC 586, Zappa, and Citra Cryo – 8.3% ABV ($4.24/8.5 – 7/14 oz Pours): This DIPA was brewed in collaboration with John, one of our favorite longtime customers, for his 50th Birthday! He smelled and selected hops to make one of the Sapwood-iest DIPAs ever with expressive tropical aromatics from two newer varieties (HBC 586 and Zappa), rounded out by citrusy notes from one of our long-time favorites (Citra Cryo)! We stuck with our standard oat-wheat heavy base and house English strain for a creamy backdrop! Growlers Available

Measure Twice – Barrel-Aged Funky Pale – 8.4% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): We refilled a couple barrels from Growth Rings with Full Measure (our all Nelson Sauvin Extra Pale Ale). The microbes went to work transforming the hop compounds into unique orange and spice aromatics. After more than a year, the lightly-tart, uniquely-fruity beer emerged. We gave it a dry hop dose a fresh Nelson and Riwaka right before packaging to ensure a unique aroma that blends the best of mixed-ferm and IPA! IN HOUSE ONLY

Arcanist (Collab with Homaide) – Barrel-Aged Bier de Garde – 8.4% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): In the fall of 2020 Stephen from Homaide Brewing visited us before he opened to brew a classic clean Biere de Garde. We diverted enough to refill one of our favorite oak wine barrels. We gave the resident cultures two years to work, and then he returned to help us find the barrel’s soulmate, an even older Dubbel aged in a Bourbon barrel. The result is tart, malty, leathery, with notes of oaky vanilla. IN HOUSE ONLY

Sunlight of Bygone Days – Belgian Tripel Brewed with Apple Cider, Aged in Chardonnay Barrels – 9.1% ABV ($22 – 500mL BOTTLE): Inspired by Belgium, Quebec, and Autumn. We waited longer than originally planned for this batch to mature. It started as a Belgian-style tripel with boiled-down apple cider replacing the classic white sugar addition. From there we aged it in Chardonnay barrels with Brettanomyces for 16 months. It emerged leathery, earthy, and appley. Still with some sweetness even after all of this time. It shares much in common with our barrel-aged sour beer… other than the sourness. IN HOUSE ONLY

Order to Chaos #2 (2022) – Barrel Aged Dark Sour 9.2% ABV ($19 – 500mL BOTTLE): This is a blend of sour red ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels for 20 months and a stout aged in Double Oak Bourbon barrels for 9 months. The sweetness from the stout balances the assertive acidity from the red. Roast and red fruit mingle into a… sour stout or is it a Flanders black? Order 500 mL Bottle/$17

Lumeire du Soleil – Belgian-style Tripel aged in French Calvados Casks 9.7% ABV ($4.5/9 5/10 oz Pours): Inspired by Belgium, Normandy, and Spring. We loved Sunlight of Bygone Days… but we wanted to give it a twist. We started with Heir to Ruins (our Tripel), but rather than add apple cider, we aged it in Calvados (apple brandy) casks. After nine months with Brettanomyces, it emerged more vibrant than expected with notes of pineapple, vanilla, and crisp red apples. Still with a touch of sweetness even after all of this time. It shares much in common with our barrel-aged sour beer… other than the sourness. Order 500 mL Bottle/$18

Taunting Fate (Fiden’s Brewing Collab) – Hawaiian Imperial Stout 10.0% ABV ($14 – 500mL BOTTLE): When the weather gets cold in Maryland and New York, we want an all-inclusive tropical vacation (in a glass if we can’t leave the brewery)! We infused this thick stout with 100 lbs of coconut (toasted and untoasted), 180 lbs of macadamia nuts, and a double-dose of Vigilante Coffee’s Rafael Amaya from Columbia. The result is bright red fruit and mocha on the nose, with the toasty richness of the coconut and nuts on the palate. Order 500 mL Bottle/$12

Timestream – Imperial Stout 10.0% ABV ($12 – 500mL BOTTLE):
Even when we aren’t barrel-aging a stout, we still like to give it some time before release. We pushed the syrupy body and mouthfeel further than we have for any other stouts. Most of the balancing bitterness to that sweetness is provided by a combination of German and English roasted grain, bringing flavors of 80% dark chocolate, espresso beans, and caramel. Order 500 mL Bottle/$10

Scarn’s Revenge – Wee Heavy Stout 10.2% ABV ($4.25/8.5 – 5/10oz Pours): This super-strength version of Threat Level Midnight is a stout even Goldenface would enjoy! We started with Golden Promise bolstered by two Scottish caramel malts. While Scottish Wee Heavies include a touch of black barley, Cherokee Jack suggested more! The result is notes of coffee and chocolate on the nose with dark fruit and bready malt on the palate. Serve cool, not cold, and have your robot butler pour it into a snifter or thistle! Order 2-pack/$13

BBA Sapbucks: Caramel-Macadamia – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 11.3% ABV ($88 – MAGNUM BOTTLE): We started with the same barrel that worked so well for BSCCC 2023 (Sweet Stout aged in Basil Hayden Bourbon Barrel). Then we infused it with Happy Mug Caramel-Macadamia coffee. The result is a sticky stout with the caramel notes enhancing the caramel malt and barrel, while the macadamia boosts the existing nuttiness. The coffee is subtle compared to BSCCC, just enough to play with the roasted barley and chocolate malt. It’s a fun beer, and a great one to share with anyone who enjoys coffee, bourbon, or stout! AVAILABLE TOGO – $80

Dreifeld – Sherry Cask Triplebock 11.5% ABV ($22 – 500mL BOTTLE): We aged this strong-malty lager in a third-hand PX Sherry Cask from our friends at Sagamore Spirit for 15 months. We get caramel, almonds, earthy, and bready notes… sweet, but not too sweet! Order 500 mL Bottle/$20

RSHC – Rye Whiskey B.A. Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout 11.9% ABV ($26 – 500mL BOTTLE): Blend of Imperial Stout aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels (Sazerac 13-Year for 19 months and Sagamore “Low Rye” for 10 months) with Amburana Wood, Toasted Almonds, Cacao Nibs, Chile Peppers, and Vanilla Beans. IN HOUSE ONLY

Older Nails – 12.2% ABV ($18 – 375mL BOTTLE): In April 2020 we emptied two bourbon barrels of their resident Imperial Stouts and refilled them with a peculiar base beer inspired by English Stock Ale and Belgian Oud Bruin. The residual stout adds subtle roast to the aromas of fig from the malt, leather from the house culture, and vanilla from the oak. We suggest serving at 50-60°F from a snifter, to accentuate the balance of mild acidity, caramel sweetness, and red fruitiness. Order 375 mL Bottle/$16 

Old Gods and New – Rye Barrel Maple Imperial Stout – 12.5% ABV ($26 – 500mL BOTTLE): This batch started with 90% Imperial Stout and 10% dark maple syrup from Maine. We aged it for a year in some of the best smelling Rye Whiskey barrels we’ve ever used, from Maryland Heritage! The spirit and wood help cut through the sweetness of the beer while adding layers of vanilla, baking spice, and a faint smokey char. The result is maple-caramel topped chocolate mousse with a rye old fashion. IN HOUSE ONLY

MBSV (2021) – Maple Bourbon Stout Vanilla 12.6% ABV ($26 – 500ml Bottle): This stout began with a dose of bourbon-barrel-aged maple syrup, then we aged it in bourbon barrels that previously held maple syrup and vanilla extract. After blending the barrels, we added vanilla and more maple! IN HOUSE ONLY

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