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What’s On Tap – 7/4

Little by Slowly – 3.4% ABV: The second batch of our our Berliner Weise! We skipped the boil to preserve a fresh bread dough aroma from the malted wheat. Lactobacillus and a clean ale yeast then soured and fermented in tandem. Finally we naturally carbonated in the keg with a variety of Brett strains that will increase the lemon and mineral aromatics as time passes.

Danger of Light – 6.1% ABV: This extra pale ale exudes a blend of dank and fruity aromatics thanks to dry hopping with Mosaic. The base is a slightly-bigger version of Rings of Light, with creaminess from Golden Naked Oats and our usual house fermentation. In House Can Only

Australian Hazeon – 6.2% ABV: Our dry-hopped saison, this time with the ultra-citrusy experimental Australian hop HPA-016! The base was brewed with rye malt, and fermented with our house saison culture. Spicy, fruity, dry, and effervescent!

Hallow Bright – 7.0% ABV: Name a more iconic duo than Citra and IPA.. I’ll wait. We brewed this new hazy IPA with Citra in the kettle, Citra in the dry hop, and double-concentrated T45 Citra for a second dry hop. The result is luscious melon, citrus, and vanilla aromatics. Sort of like Rings of Light, but 50% more everything! In House Can Only

Wonderkind** – 8.1% ABV: We often describe our Double IPAs as tasting and smelling like tropical fruit. You know what else tastes and smells like tropical fruit? Mangoes, guavas, and passion fruits! We combined an already intensely-tropical hop combination of Australian Galaxy, American Citra, and German Grüngeist with a pop of actual fruit. We haven’t been able to travel, so we brewed this virtual collaboration with our friends at Great Notion Brewing (Portland, OR)! To-go cans available in house or pre-order

Concrete Forest – 10.0% ABV: Belgian quads are malty, boozy, and fruity. For this recipe we combined three Belgian malts, two dark candi syrups, and the same Belgian strain we used for Concrete Leaves… plus a secret ingredient from England. The result smells like banana pancakes with maple syrup. Intensely malty (bready, caramelized raisin, and a hint of roast), without excessive malt sweetness.

Sir Rupert Barrelton – 10.5% ABV: The original English-brewed Russian Imperial Stouts were loaded with flavors of char, toast, oak, and raisin. We did our best to capture that spirit by using all English malts (Pale Maris Otter, Amber, Brown, and Black) plus caramelized sugar. This batch spent eight months in two well-used barrels that held rye and before that cognac. We pitched a small amount of Brettanomyces isolated from an English strong ale, but don’t expect more than a subtle vinous tone. What the English called “stale” but in a good way!

** Variants are only available for grolwer fills to 2020 Sap and Founders Club members. 

Bottles To Go

Next bottle release: Reality is Frequently Inaccurate (golden sour with grapefruit zest, hibiscus flowers, and Spanish cedar) – Saturday July 11th!

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