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On Tap Now (Updated 9/22)

First Anniversary Party Saturday September, 28: Tickets/Details

Rings of Light – 4.5% ABV: Getting close to our first anniversary, we wanted revisit our favorite pale ale, the all-Citra dry-hopped, amazingly drinkable, bright-creamy-tropical-citrusy Rings of Light! We kegged Batch #4 earlier this week.

8980 Rt. 108 – 5.4% ABV: Batch #2 of our American take on hefeweizen adds pineapple notes from Denali (Sultana) hops to the banana and vanilla from the yeast strains.

Cherry-Blackberry Popper – 5.5% ABV: We wanted to brew a quick-sour that really popped so we dialed up the acidity and fruit flavor, and dialed back almost everything else. This has a bit more caramel malt sweetness than Plutonium Peach to help accentuate the bold mixed-berry flavor and balance the sharp acidity. 

Leaf Fall Down – 5.6% ABV: Our very own PSL (pumpkin-spiced lager)! We took a dark malty Czech lager and added a spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger along with bloomed Dutch process cocoa and Mexican vanilla extract. The result is like a liquefied autumn brownie, or a chocolate pumpkin pie!

Bangun – 5.6% ABV: For our first full-batch of coffee beer we asked our favorite local roaster to collaborate, Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville. We brought a growler of the base English Brown Porter to share with their head roaster Franklin Ventura. He selected two beans from Indonesia and roasted them for us. Kerinci to add as a cold-brew concentrate (for flavor) and Solok to steep in the beer itself (for aroma). The result is a dark beer for the summer not thick or boozy, but with baked-good, chocolate, and unsurprisingly coffee flavors! The name is Indonesian for “wake up!” 

Verdant Verbena – 6.1% ABV: We collaborated with RAR Brewing (Cambridge, MD) on this summertime saison. They suggested adding green tea, and we decided on a little jasmine rice to lighten the malt profile. In addition to dosing the finished beer with concentrated green tea, we infused it with homegrown lemon verbena for a bright citrusy touch. The result is dry, funky, refreshing, and herbal!

Nu Zulund – 6.3% ABV: New Zealand hops often have fruit-forward aromatics. In this case lime from Waimea and stonefruit from Wai-iti. Those naturally mesh with acidity. We added 2 lbs/bbl of hops in the kettle post-souring, and then another 3 lbs/bbl dry hopping. The result is a bright, fruity, and refreshing IPA with sourness instead of bitterness balancing.

Cheater Hops #9  6.5% ABV: Who said a Cheater Hops beer had to be more than one hop? Did you know that of all hops studied over the last several years the most variation in  acid content has been in Simcoe hops (source: The New IPA by Scott Janish). So you may think you know Simcoe, but maybe think again! We augmented  our typical oaty base with some Golden Promise malt for an extra grainy sweetness to compliment the RVA’s vanilla notes, and of course hit it with Simcoe and Cryo Simcoe hops! These crops play super tropical with wafts of mango and papaya but still maintain the classic passionfruit notes bolstered by by a small pineyness to brace and balance. You know a single hopped beer is a Cheater varietal!

Galactic Burst – 8.2% ABV: When our friends at Modern Times asked us to visit San Diego to brew a DIPA with them (Sky Burst), we couldn’t say no! We didn’t want to let the good people of Maryland miss out though, so we brewed a riff on the same recipe. Galactic Burst is loaded with a total of more than 8 lbs per barrel of Galaxy, Citra, and Enigma. Including 50% more dry hopping than our typical DIPAs, for an even more intense aroma of citrus, melon, and passion fruit!

Money, Please! – 9.0% ABV: Citra-Amarillo is a money hop combo. In this DIPA they create an intensely aromatic mélange of tropical, citrus, and stonefruit. The Amarillo brightens Citra, which left along can become too dank. The Citra adds oomph, and reduces the herbal notes solo-Amarillo provides. This one is a departure from our usual style, fermented with a strain that leaves less sweetness and creates more orangey aromatics. A cousin of the strain we used for Cheater Hops #3.

** Variants are only available for growler fills to Sap or Founders club members in their Magic Growler. All other beers are available in grolwers. 

On Deck:

Plutonium Peach – 6.1% ABV: Next in our nuclear fruited sour series is peach! Ripe stone fruit jumps out of the glass mingling with a dry hop of Amarillo and Azacca lending tropical and melon depth. Like biting into a ripened peach, the controlled acidity is braced by a present dry wheaty sweetness that is followed by a lingering herbal note from the hops that is almost reminiscent of the fuzzy skin of a real peach itself!

In House Bottles/Cans

Coriolis Force – 5.0% ABV (16 oz cans): We are sold out of “to-go” cans of our Southern Hemisphere Pilsner (brewed in collaboration with Elder Pine and Cushwa), but we held onto a few cases for a little variety in the tasting room lineup, considering we don’t have any other lagers available. 

No Beginnings – 7.2% ABV (500 mL botles): No Beginnings started as House Saison #1, brewed August 2018. It spent most of the intervening year in oak barrels that previously held Sauvignon Blanc wine. In addition to our house culture, each barrel received a unique mix of Brettanomyces (the wild yeast responsible for creating fruity and funky aromatics). The combination provided a variety of aromatics with white wine leading, followed by notes of hay, lemon, and minerals.

To Go

Nothing now, next bottle release October.

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