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What’s Available – 4/15

Little by Slowly (2020) – 3.4% ABV ($3/6): For this Berliner Weisse we skipped the boil to preserve a fresh bread dough aroma from the malted wheat. Lactobacillus and a clean ale yeast then soured and fermented in tandem. Finally we naturally carbonated in the keg with a variety of Brett strains that will increase the lemon and mineral aromatics as time passes.

House Saison #5: Oats – 5.4% ABV ($3.5/7): We aimed for a more golden hue for the return of our House Saison. It still uses our house Brett saison culture, and spend nearly three months in stainless getting tart and funky before release! Order Growler

Atomic Apricot – 5.5% ABV ($3.5/7): Our attempt to combine a hoppy pale ale with an apricot sour. The Citra and Amarillo dry hopping add a grapefruit aroma and pithy bitterness to the apricots’ juicy acidity. It’s intense! Order 4-pack/$18

Designer Baby – 5.6% ABV ($3/6)Our palest pale ale so far, dry hopped with Idaho Gem and Calista a blend of hops with watermelon, cherry candy, and pineapple aromatics. Can Release 4/17

Threat Level Morning – 6.1% ABV ($3/6): The base stout was inspired by Scottish ales with Golden Promise pale malt, dark caramel malt, and roasted barley. We add a twist with Peruvian Tabaconas coffee beans locally roasted by Vigilante (Hyattsville, MD) and then added mere days before canning. The coffee intensifies the chocolate-notes from the malt, while bringing its own grape and dried fruit aromatics. Order Growler

Danger of Light – 6.4% ABV ($7 – 16oz Can)This extra pale ale exudes a blend of dank and berry aromatics from dry hopping with a blend of Mosaic® and Mosaic Cryo® pellets. The base is a slightly-bigger version of our typical pale ales, with creaminess from Simpsons Golden Naked Oats® and our usual house fermentation. Order 4-pack/$17

Cheaper Hops – 6.8% ABV ($3.5/7): We added 2 lbs of hops per barrel to the mash (part of 8 lbs/bbl overall), blended two experimental strains for fermentation, and added an enzyme to the whirlpool to free fruity hop aromatics by way of bound glycosides. The result is a saturated and complex hop aroma that leaps out of the glass with passion fruit, herbaceous lime, and candied grapefruit. Can Release 3/17

Hallow Bright – 7.1% ABV ($3.5/7): Name a more iconic duo than Citra and IPA.. I’ll wait. We brewed this new hazy IPA with Citra in the kettle, Citra in the dry hop, and double-concentrated Citra Cryo for a second dry hop. The result is luscious melon, citrus, and vanilla aromatics. Sort of like Rings of Light, but 50% more everything! Order 4-pack $18

The Quiet Parts Loud – 8.0% ABV ($4/8): For some reason we always seem to be adding Simcoe to our IPAs, but rarely to our DIPAs! We wanted to change that by showcasing the intense mango and pine notes of Simcoe and Simcoe Cryo in this batch. Simcoe was the variety that really kicked off the modern American IPA when it was released in 2000, before Citra and Mosaic were introduced a few years later. Here’s to Simcoe on its 21st birthday! Order 4-pack $20

Can’t Know – 8.1% ABV ($4/8):  Amarillo used to be one of our favorite hop varieties… but the last few years you just can’t know if the next bag of it will smell like ripe apricots or green onions. After evaluating samples from several farms we finally found one that we loved, from Germany! We paired it with Citra for a beautifully stonefruity, orangey, soft DIPA just in time for nice weather! Can Release 3/17

Guard the Beard – 8.3% ABV ($3.5/7): To celebrate the opening of their brewery we invited Stephen and Lucas of Homaide over to brew a Biere de Garde with us! This traditional French style is rustic… which means it has a unique fruitiness from a warm lager-fermentation. Toasty-bready-toffee malt, without much sweetness. Mild herbal-earthy hops. Although it is often lumped-in with saison, the style isn’t traditionally sour or funky… but we’ve already got a barrel of it aging that will be eventually! Order Growler

UnFlaked** – 10.7% ABV ($4.5/9): This is the base Imperial Stout we used for Flaked, without the vanilla and coconut. Loads of clean roasted coffee and chocolate notes along with a hint of pine from the hops. Mellow thanks to six months of aging.  

Graveyard of Forgotten Gods – 11.2% ABV ($9 – 16 oz can): Blended from 80% imperial porter and 20% rye-barrel-aged imperial stout. The flavors are inspired by Scandinavia, with subtle touches of cardamom seed and licorice root. The result is notes of dark chocolate from the malt, baked goods from the spices, and vanilla from the oak. Order 2-pack/$12

Shelled – 11.8% ABV ($4.5/9): This stout is all about walnuts! We toasted more than 200 lbs of them to add to this toasty-roasty-nutty Imperial Stout. It’s less roasty than most of our other stouts to allow the nuts to star. Rounded out with vanilla beans to give it a brownie-batter flavor. Order 2-pack $14

** Variants are only available for grolwer fills to 2021 Sap and Founders Club members.

ᴳ Enzymatically Gluten-Reduced 


To-Go/On-Site Bottles

Invasive Species – 4.8% ABV ($18): Wineberries, Rubus phoenicolasius, are native to Asia. When gardeners planted them in America, they broke containment. Wineberries are now a common sight in the woods of Maryland. On a hot July afternoon, we foraged 30 pounds of these intensely jammy and sticky berries with help from our friends from Baltimore restaurants foraged and Fadensonnen. We added our haul to a 5-grain saison aged in natural red wine barrels from Old Westminster Winery. For the base beer we blended malted barley, spelt, and Maryland-grown buckwheat, corn, and millet. In House Only

Prosaic – 5.5% ABV ($14):  You might expect a brewery founded by two authors best known for writing about hoppy and sour beers to brew more hoppy sour beers… Well, here you go! We blended a tart rye saison aged three months in stainless steel with a white-wine-barrel-aged multi-grain saison. We dry hopped the blend with one of our favorite hops, Mosaic Cryo®! Mosaic imparts a deep blueberry-fruitiness to mingle with the acidity and a vibrancy to brighten the earthy aroma. Order 500 mL Bottle/$12

Pearlized – 6.4% ABV ($18): Asian pear is a subtle fruit, often described more by its crisp texture than a distinct flavor. Perfect to add luster to a sour beer without obscuring culture and barrel. After aging this pale sour in well-used Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir barrels we blended it with 20% Virginia-grown Asian Pear juice. The result is light, bright, with a honey-ish note from the fruit. The balance is more tart than sweet though the pear provides perceived sweetness. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Stallion Cover – 7.7% ABV ($14): This beer is a blend of two threads: 45% young rye saison aged in stainless steel, and 55% old wine-barrel-aged pale sour brewed with unmalted wheat and aged hops. The result is a beer with tartness and fruitiness that will continue to evolve as time passes, developing funkier and earthier aromatics. Order 500 mL Bottle/$12

Elliptical Orbit 2020 – 7.8% ABV ($18): Elliptical Orbit 2020 is our annual dark sour. It changes each year, this one has bready dark malts, rye, and Black Mission figs. We aged it in Maryland Chambourcin red wine barrels for 10 months. The result is layered with earthy rye, bright acidity, rich dark fruit, and leathery Brett. The second entry in a renewed tradition. In House Only

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