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On Tap Now (Updated 2/21)


Little by Slowly – 3.6% ABV: This Berliner weisse undergoes a mixed-fermented followed by natural carbonation in the keg! The flavors include tart from the Lactobacillus, fresh bread dough from the wheat malt and no-boil, and a hint of lemon from Brettanomyces.

Suite MNO – 4.5% ABV: A brightly-fruity wheat beer with aromatics of watermelon and bubblegum. A similar concept to the beer it replaced (8980 Rt. 108), but with El Dorado hops and fermentation by a blend of English and Belgian strains. 

Unhook Yourself – 4.9% ABV: Scott took one of his gold medal winning homebrew recipes and scaled it up for the brewhouse. A little toastier than our standard grain selection, with the addition of German Vienna malt. Dry hopped with Amarillo and Centennial, to walk the line between classic and modern American Session IPAs.

House Saison #2 – 6.7% ABV: Build on a base of spelt (a robust cousin to wheat) and Mike’s House Culture, this rustic saison is an ingredient showcase! With notes of hay, candied citrus, and honeydew on the nose, this full bodied but crisp rustic ale finishes on the palate with flavors reminiscent of green pineapple, tangy soursop fruit, and warm yellow cake!

Lemon-Pepper Saison* – 6.7% ABV: Lemon zest and black pepper are a classic combination for cooking, but in a beer? The lemon adds a brightness and clarity to the aroma, while the pepper dances in the finish adding a slight heat and an enhancement to the classic peppery flavors of Saison.

Cashmere Hazeon – 6.7% ABV: This brand new hazy saison is loaded with German spelt (a high-protein cousin of wheat) and aged Cascade hops then fermented with our house culture of saison and wild strains. Finally we dry-hopped with Cashmere to provide notes of lemongrass and pineapple. 

Cheater Hops #5: Nelson-Citra – 6.8% ABV: Kegged earlier this week, the new batch of our hazy-IPA is loaded with Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand paired with super-concentrated Citra “Cryo” hops. The combination imparts loads of citrus zest, melon, and gooseberry aromatics. This batch has the usual backdrop of creaminess from malted oats and hints of vanilla from our house fermentation.

Pillowfort – 8.9% ABV: Batch #2 of our gloriously fluffy cloud of tropical hops. Dry hopped twice with Citra and Azacca for aromatics that remind of us of grapefruit, cantaloupe, and stonefruit. Our house English yeast provides just a hint of vanilla to create a rich treat. Limit 64 oz ToGo per person.

* Variants are only available for growler fills to Sap or Founders club members in their Magic Growler.

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