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Available Beers 8/18

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Draft, Single Cans, and 500 mL Bottled Beers

** Variants are only available for growler fills to 2022 Sap and Founders Club members.

ᴳ Enzymatically Treated to Remove Gluten 

Little by Grapefruit-Elderflower – Berliner Weisse – 3.8% ABV ($3.25/6.50): We took a keg of our mixed-ferm (Beriner Weisse) and added fresh grapefruit zest… more than usual. Then we dosed it with elderflower extract for that St. Germain fruitiness. We tried dried elderflower first, but they didn’t provide the brightness we wanted! Crowlers Available

Little by Slowly – Berliner Weisse – 3.8% ABV ($3.25/6.50): Our first sour beer is back for the first time in two years! We skip the boil to preserve a fresh bread dough aroma from the malted wheat. Lactobacillus and a clean ale yeast then soured and fermented in tandem. Finally we naturally carbonated in the keg with one of our house cultures to increase the stonefruit, lemon, and mineral aromatics as time passes. Growlers Available

Growth Rings (2021) – Blend of 1- 2- 3-Year Sours – 5.0% ABV ($19 – 500mL BOTTLE): Originally released for our third anniversary! This blend is a cross-section, with barrels filled in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The younger barrels provide lemon and mineral vibrancy while the older ones bring oaky depth and earthiness. A year in the bottle has focused the lemony-funk and softened the vanilla-tinged oak. In House Only

Hedge Trimmerᴳ – English Summer Ale – 5.0% ABV ($6.5 – 16oz CAN): Our take on a British Summer Ale! We used our usual house English strain, but rather than load up on citrusy American or Southern Hemisphere hops we added just a touch of earthy Styrian Goldings from Slovenia and orange-tinged East Kent Goldings from England. For malt, a blend of Golden Promise and Maris Otter creates a slightly biscuity fullness. Order 4-pack/$16

Orange Crema – Dark Mild with Coffee and Orange – 5.0% ABV ($6.5 – 16oz CAN): We love bright fruity natural process coffees, so we enhanced this coffee bean-infused dark mild with fresh orange zest! A small dose of vanilla bean adds creaminess and perceived sweetness without the need for lactose. An easy drinking coffee beer for the warm weather months! Order 4-pack/$17

Color of Electricity – Grapefruit Shandy – 5.2% ABV ($3.25/6.5): This is a real-deal shandy! We infused a Pilsner with fresh grapefruit zest for a bright citrusy aroma. Then we blended in grapefruit juice for sweetness, acidity, and even more grapefruit flavor! Finally we gave it high carbonation for that fuzzy-tingling feeling on your tongue that is positively electric! Contains Sulfites. Order 4-pack/$17

White Painting – Hefeweizen – 5.2% ABV ($3.25/6.5): Our hefeweizen combines malted and unmalted wheat to highlight the bready-doughy-fresh aromatics of this grain. Much like the famous (or infamous) all-white paintings, what may seem simple initially becomes enthralling as you look (or taste) closer! Order 4-pack/$15

Passionfruit Rings – Tropical Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV ($3.75/7.5): We took our favorite pale ale (Rings of Light) with its intense Citra®-forward hop aroma of melon and orange and added 200 lbs of Passionfruit! Usually, the government won’t let us say our pale ales taste like “tropical fruit,” but they can’t stop us when there is actual passionfruit in it! Order 4-pack/$18

Plush Punch – Fruit Punch Sour – 5.5% ABV ($7.50 – 16oz CAN): This isn’t your typical Sapwood Cellars sour beer. It wasn’t aged in barrels. It wasn’t mix-fermented by a wild culture. We didn’t source local fruit. What it does have is a punch of fruit flavor from raspberry, cherry, apricot, and pineapple! It’s the sort of sour beer we want to drink on a hot summer day where a refreshing beverage is more important than nuance and complexity! Order 4-pack/$18

Reality is Frequently Inaccurate (2022) – Cedar-Grapefruit-Hibiscus BA Sour – 5.6% ABV ($18 – 500mL Bottle): Our golden sour base developed a beautiful fruity acidity after 18 months in barrels. We played that sourness off of the citrusy aromatics of fresh grapefruit zest, Spanish Cedar, and hibiscus. It has the look and flavor of ruby red grapefruit juice. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Sideways Blanc – White Wine Grape Seltzer – 5.7% ABV ($6.50 – 16oz CAN): A bright, snappy seltzer fermented with fresh white wine grape juice from Chile. Inspired by the lighter sparkling piquette wines for France. Order 4-pack/$16

Sapwood Kellers – Keller Pils – 5.8% ABV ($3.25/6.5): “Kellerbier” (cellar beer) is unfiltered and unpasteurized, often hazy, with a fresh malt and hop flavor. We hopped our version with German Saphir in the kettle and again in the fermenter. Dry hopping isn’t exactly traditional for German Pilsners, but the enhanced herbal-citrus-spice hop character balances the grassy German Pilsner malt. Order 4-pack/$16

Lemon Yellow Gloves – Barrel-Aged Meyer Lemon Sour – 5.8% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): This beer is a showcase for the bright aroma of Meyer Lemons. They have a softer flavor than the common Lisbon and Eureka lemons, with a more varied orange-influenced aroma. We selected two third-use barrels with restrained acidity to avoid distracting oakiness or sharpness. The result is a sour beer that begs not to be shared… enjoy a whole bottle by yourself! Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Golden Granny – Cider – 6.8% ABV ($3.25/6.50): Pressed from a blend of Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, York, and Ida Red apples from Virginia. Fermented with our house culture. The result is tart and snappy, with a bright apple-forward aroma followed by some earthiness.

Shopper Gatherer – Barrel-Aged Cider – 6.9% ABV ($13 – 500mL BOTTLE): A blend of two batches of cider pressed from Virginia-grown Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, York, and Ida Red apples. One-third aged in a Sauvignon Blanc barrel for nine months, two-third in stainless steel. The result is tart and snappy, with a bright apple-forward aroma followed by some earthiness and vanilla from the oak. Order 500 mL Bottle/$11

Quantum Juicinator – Hazy IPA – 7.0% ABV ($3.75/7.5): Usually we aim to balance our beers, playing sweetness against bitterness, fruity against dank… this one is all about pushing the fruity expression of the hops! It combines our first bags of 2022-harvest Galaxy fruitiness along with its best friend Citra. The fruitiness is intensified by Talus’s aromatics of that remind of of floral citrus and ripe stonefruit! Order 4-pack/$19

TDH Trial #1: Mosaic – Hazy IPA – 7.4% ABV ($4.25/8.5): Our triple-dry-hopped variants have a different “quality” to the hop expression thanks to a final dry hopping in the keg… we couldn’t add hops to the can, so we did the next best thing: a final infusion of hops in our new infusion tank just 24 hours prior to canning! The result is one of the rawest, freshest, and most intense hop expressions we’ve ever tasted! This first iteration highlights the fruity-dankness of Mosaic! Order 4-pack/$22

Orange Parf-IPA – Coconut Milkshake IPA – 7.6% ABV ($7.5 -16oz CAN): Our sorbet series combines hoppy beers with fruit and vanilla, the parfait series adds coconut! Richer, coconut-creamier, but still bright and drinkable. This installment ratchets up the strength and alcohol to IPA-territory. Along with untoasted coconut, it showcases fresh Florida orange zest and Madagascar vanilla beans. Creamy milkshake flavors without any dairy!

Night Mode – Black IPA – 7.6% ABV ($7.5 – 16oz CAN): Black IPAs are starting to feel like a relic of hoppy beers before the coming of the hazies, but they were one of the most common and popular beer styles just 10 years ago! For this batch we combined some of our favorite Pacific Northwest varieties to create a hoppy beer that balances mandarin orange, diesely-dankness, and honeydew melon. Order 4-pack/$20

Shadows Paler – Hellesbock Lager – 7.6% ABV ($7.5 – 16oz CAN): Not all bocks are dark, for the warmer weather there are paler bocks! Still loaded with bready maltiness from toasted German Vienna and Munich, but without as much sweetness or heaviness. Our version has a dose of Tettnang hops in the whirlpool for a little herbal-spice, even after more than a month off lagering! Order 4-pack/$18

Stallion Cover – Blended B.A. Saison – 7.7% ABV ($14 – 500mL BOTTLE): Stallion Cover is a blend of two threads: 45% young rye saison aged in stainless steel, and 55% old wine-barrel-aged pale sour brewed with unmalted wheat and aged hops. The result is a beer with tartness and fruitiness that will continue to evolve as time passes, developing funkier and earthier aromatics.

Sekund Cherry – Dark Sour with Cherries – 7.8% ABV ($12 – 500 mL BOTTLE): We transferred Opulence off a tote-full of sweet and sour cherries and into the blending tank…. The fruit had flavor remaining, so we reinfused it with a fresh batch of dark saison. The second-use fruit provided a deep tart cherry aroma that mingles with the fresh cocoa and nuttiness of dark malt. Order 500 mL Bottle/$10

White Dragon – Hazy DIPA – 8.0% ABV ($4.25/8.5): We took our Rye DIPA and turned it up with Phantasm x Cryo pellets and a special fermentation designed to release all of those tropical, winey, intense thiols! The Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin dry hopping brings an intense herbal dankness to balance the notes of passionfruit and Sauvignon Blanc from the Phantasm. Order 4-pack/$21

Heir to Ruins – Belgian Tripel – 8.2% ABV ($7.5 – 16oz CAN): We brewed our Tripel using Belgian Pilsner malt and hopped with English Goldings and German Saphir. We combined two monastic strains for restrained fruit (banana and orange) and spice (pepper and clove). One reason that Belgium has a tradition of stronger beers is that until 1984 bars and restaurants couldn’t serve distilled spirits. Despite the strength, this beer is easy to drink thanks to a crisp finish and restrained bitterness. Order 4-pack/$18

Identical Cousins – Hazy DIPA – 8.3% ABV ($8.5 -16oz CAN): Australian Vic Secret and American Simcoe share a lot of similarities. They both bring tropical fruit aromatics, along with pine. They’re also both often in the shadows of the more popular hops from their respective countries. We decided to team them up for this DIPA where the hops add notes of mango, passion fruit, and spruce tips.

Sunlight of Bygone Days – Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Tripel w/ Apples – 9.1% ABV ($20 – 500mL BOTTLE): Inspired by Belgium, Quebec, and Autumn. We waited longer than originally planned for this batch to mature. It started as a Belgian-style tripel with boiled-down apple cider replacing the classic white sugar addition. From there we aged it in Chardonnay barrels with Brettanomyces for 16 months. It emerged leathery, earthy, and appley. Still with some sweetness even after all of this time. It shares much in common with our barrel-aged sour beer… other than the sourness. IN HOUSE ONLY

There Are No Edges 2022 – Red Wine Barrel Sour Red – 10.0% ABV ($20 – 500mL BOTTLE): We selected Pinot Noir and Malbec barrels to age a massive sour red for more than a year. The result, aromas of plum and raisin, caramel flavor, with moderate acidity to balance. Dry, and surprisingly smooth for its heft. It is delicious now, but it will only improve with time. Order 500 mL Bottle/$18

Hazelnut Sappuccino – Coffee Barleywine – 10.0% ABV ($4.25/8.5 – 5oz/10oz): Starting with our sweet caramel-froward barleywine we tried to create a coffee-house classic, the hazelnut latte! To accomplish this we aged it on 180 lbs of toasted hazelnuts, a pound of Madagascar vanilla beans, and 20 lbs of light-roast coffee beans. Order 2-pack/$14

Edge Piece – Chocolate Vanilla Stout – 10.6% ABV ($9.5 – 16oz CAN): This imperial stout is inspired by the crispy edge of a brownie. Cacao nibs and vanilla beans add the expected chocolate flavor while the English and German roasted malts in the base provide the toasty almost-charred flavors of baking in the oven. Caramel malts impart sweetness and depth of dessertiness. Order 2-pack/$14

Only The Trees Remember – Maple-Pecan Imperial Stout – 11.0% ABV ($9.50 – 16oz CAN): Most brewing ingredients grow on Stalks or bines… For this Imperial stout we selected two from trees! We started by adding 30 gallons of dark robust maple syrup from Maine to the kettle for this 300 gallon batch. Later we rested the resulting stout on 200 lbs of toasted pecans. The result has a huge range of flavors: rich caramel-woodiness from the maple, toasty-buttery from the nuts, all resting on the mocha-bready roasted barley. *Pecans Toasted in Peanut Oil* Order 2-pack/$15

BSAJ – Bourbon. Stout. Almonds. Joy. – 11.4% ABV ($26 – 500mL Bottle): After aging this Imperial Stout in bourbon barrels we added almonds, toasted coconut, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs. Like your favorite candy bar this one has layers of dessert flavors and plenty of sweetness! In House Only

CBW – Cognac BarleyWine – 11.8% ABV ($24 – 500mL BOTTLE): For our first barrel-aged barleywine we targeted a midpoint between the American and English styles. The malt is English with Maris Otter and English Extra Dark Crystal, intensified by a six-hour boil. The fermentation and hopping are New World, with significant bitterness and fruitiness from a dose of Australian Galaxy mid-boil. After more than a year in an over-sized (106 gallon) French Cognac puncheon the beer is not obviously hoppy, instead blending with the fruitiness of the Cognac to create a beautiful red apple character that plays off the intense caramel and sherry-like oxidative notes. IN HOUSE ONLY

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