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What’s Available – 1/23

Drink It Down4.9% ABV: This isn’t an India Brown Ale, or a Sour Brown, or an Imperial Brown. It’s just a classic Brown brewed with English Maris Otter, Chocolate, and Caramel malts. Hopped with East Kent Goldings, and fermented with our house English Ale. The result has notes of coffee ice cream, toasted bread, and orange marmalade. Order 4-pack/$14

Cuttings – 5.0% ABV: While Belgian Dubbels, Tripels, and Quads get most of the excitement, the humble Belgian Single is often ignored. It’s pale, light, bright, and a little bit hoppy. We brewed ours with with Belgian Pilsner malt and Grungeist hops, for a clean base and slight tropical fruitiness to compliment the banana and bubblegum from the Belgian ale fermentation. Order Growler

Single Citrus Sorbet – 5.5% ABV: Nothing quite brings out the best in our hoppy beers like citrus and vanilla! This juicy pale ale got the full treatment with a pound of Madagascar vanilla beans and the zest of more than 200 citrus fruits. We zested mostly oranges and grapefruits, but added a few lemons and limes. Like rainbow sherbet in a glass (without lactose)! Order 4-pack/$17

Saturated Hue – 6.0% ABV: Our “of Light” pale ales have followed a similar formulation since we started brewing. We tweak the hops, but not much else. We gave this batch a new name to signify the tweaked fermentation and malt. Combined they allow a brighter more saturated hop expression and a cleaner honey-like finish. Exclusively dry-hopped with Vic Secret to bring peach, passion fruit, and citrus aromas. Order 4-pack/$16

Cheater Hops #16: Simcoe-Columbus – 7.0% ABV: We double dry-hopped this hazy IPA with over four pounds-per-barrel of Simcoe and Columbus. The hop combination is pretty West-Coast with danker notes of pine balancing mango and grapefruit. Order 4-pack/$18

Shard Blade – 8.0% ABV: We paired two of our favorite hops (Mosaic and Galaxy) and dry-hopped twice for this new Double IPA! The result is a gigantic tropical hop aroma, with subtle bitterness balancing the malt sweetness. We used the Conan strain to push stonefruit aromatics. Otherwise it’s what you expect from us: hazy, juicy hops, and soft oatiness. Order 4-pack/$20

Guard the Beard – 8.3% ABV: To celebrate the opening of their brewery we invited Stephen and Lucas of Homaide over to brew a Biere de Garde with us! This traditional French style is rustic… which means it has a unique fruitiness from a warm lager-fermentation. Toasty-bready-toffee malt, without much sweetness. Mild herbal-earthy hops. Although it is often lumped-in with saison, the style isn’t traditionally sour or funky… but we’ve already got a barrel of it aging that will be eventually! Order Growler

Snip Snap Max – 9.3% ABV: This is our first time making an extra-strong, extra-hoppy version of our beloved Snip Snap DIPA! The result is everything we love about Snip Snap: citrus and passion fruit hop aromatics, creaminess from the oats, a touch of vanilla from our house English ale strain… just extra! Order Growler

Flaked – 10.7% ABV: A rich dark fudgy beer with mounds of toasted and untoasted flaked coconut and Madagascar vanilla beans to balance the roast. The flavor is big and the body is syrupy thanks to flaked oats and English caramel malt. A dessert treat for the cold nights ahead!  Order Growler

Bridge Four – 11.5% ABV: For Christmas 2019 Mike received two rum barrels from his father-in-law. We aged our Belgian-inspired Quad in them to enhance its already intense dried fruit flavors of dates, raisins, and figs. Almost a Belgian Barleywine? Despite being one of our strongest beers to date, the modest amount of residual sweetness makes for a more drinkable or as the Belgians would say “digestible” result. Order Growler

** Variants are only available for grolwer fills to 2020 Sap and Founders Club members.

ᴳ Enzymatically Gluten-Reduced 


To-Go/On-Site Bottles

Stallion Cover – 7.7% ABV: This beer is a blend of two threads: 45% young rye saison aged in stainless steel, and 55% old wine-barrel-aged pale sour brewed with unmalted wheat and aged hops. The result is a beer with tartness and fruitiness that will continue to evolve as time passes, developing funkier and earthier aromatics. Order 500 mL Bottle/$12

Growing Season: Cherry – 6.7% ABV: This series is our canvas for Mid-Atlantic fruit harvested during the annual growing season. This first entry combines sweet Hartland and sour cherries from Milburn Orchards (Elkton, MD). For the base, we blended three batches of pale and golden sours aged between 13-19 months in wine barrels. The result has a broad expression of cherry with a tart jammy flavor alongside herbal aromatics. Order 500 mL/$16

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather – 8.3% ABV: We aged two batches of saison in barrels that originally contained Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay before adding 60 pounds of wildflower honey from Maryland Honey Co. The concentrated nectar of more than 100 million local flowers imbues the beer with a fresh floral aroma that plays off the earthy contributions of wild microbes and buckwheat. Order 500 mL/$16

Jona and Ida are a Pear – 6.9% ABV: Pressed from a blend of Jona Gold, Ida Red, Greening, and Golden Delicious apples grown in Virginia. We blended in 15% local Asian pear juice to bring a touch of perceived sweetness. Fermented with our house culture. The result is balanced and effervescent, with a blend of orchard fruit aromatics. Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Unpasteurized. Order bottle/$10

Elliptical Orbit 2020 – 7.8% ABV: Elliptical Orbit 2020 is our annual dark sour. It changes each year, this one has bready dark malts, rye, and Black Mission figs. We aged it in Maryland Chambourcin red wine barrels for 10 months. The result is layered with earthy rye, bright acidity, rich dark fruit, and leathery Brett. The second entry in a renewed tradition. Order 500 mL/$16

On Deck

Different But Same Same – 7.3% ABV: We split a pallet of New Zealand hops with our friends from Astro Lab Brewing Co. (Silver Spring). To showcase the 2020 harvest, we each brewed a riff on the same recipe with Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka hops. Our version fermented cold with a nearly-forgotten lager strain called Tum 35. Ultra-clean, allowing the gooseberry, grapefruit, and grape hoppiness to star. Order 4-pack/$18

Drupe Scoop – 6.5% ABV: Our stonefruit-vanilla sour collab with Aslin Beer Co! Inspired by slice of fruit pie a la mode, with toasty malt, peaches/apricots, and a hefty scoop of vanilla beans! Sweet-sour, but as always lactose-free! 

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