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Available Beers 12/5

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Draft, Single Cans, and 500mL Bottled Beers

Sideways – Cabernet Franc Hard Seltzer – 5.0% ABV ($3/6): For our first hard seltzer, rather than look to the beer-world we sought inspiration from the wine-world. French Piquette is low alcohol, often made by using second use grapes along with sugar. It’s bright, slightly tart, and often sparkling. We didn’t have second use grapes, so we bought more than 600 lbs of Washington State Cabernet Franc grapes for their intense berry aromatics. Fermentation brings some intense tropical aromatics, passionfruit especially.

Seltz-Out: Apple – Apple Hard Seltzer – 4.8% ABV ($3/6): Our hard seltzer base with 100% fresh Apple Juice; inspired by traditional German Apfelsaft typically drank during Oktoberfest!

Growth Rings – Three-Year Blend 5.0% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): Each year a tree creates a new layer of sapwood under its bark, a growth ring, recording the tree’s life. So too we add new oak barrels to our sour program each year, slowly expanding. This blend is a cross-section, with barrels selected from our three years of brewing. The younger barrels provide lemon and mineral vibrancy while the older ones bring oaky depth and earthiness. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16 

Unbound – Wheat Beer – 5.1% ABV ($3/6): American Wheat Ale is a style that needs to be updated and modernized! We used our version as a base of the intense fruity aromatics of Phastasm (powdered New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes) paired with an English strain designed to create passionfruit aromatics, and a restrained whirlpool addition of German Hallertau Blanc hops. The result is light and bright with low bitterness, herbal notes, and a unique tropical white grape aroma. Order 4-pack $15

Plush Pop – Raspberry-Lime Sour – 5.2% ABV ($7 – 16oz CAN): This isn’t your typical Sapwood Cellars sour beer. It wasn’t aged in barrels. It wasn’t mix-fermented by a wild culture. We didn’t source local fruit. What it does have is loads of fruit flavor from raspberry puree and fresh lime zest, plus a heap of vanilla beans! It’s the sort of sour beer we want to drink on a hot summer day where a refreshing beverage is more important than nuance and complexity! Order 4-pack $18

Guava Salzig – Gose with Pink Guava – 5.2% ABV ($10 – 500mL BOTTLE): We love our base gose, Salzig (German for “salty”). It’s a traditional mixed-fermentation with Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Subtle, tart, and citrusy. This version with a massive 700 lbs of pink guava is anything but traditional or subtle. The fruit adds an intense tropical flavor and increased acidity. Order 500 mL Bottles/$8

Prophecy of the Clock – Czech Dark Lager – 5.7% ABV ($3/6): Czech Tmavé Pivo is to German Schwarzbier as Czech Pilsner is to German Pilsner. Both are dark lagers, but Tmavé Pivo is smoother, rounder, and maltier. We brewed ours with Italian Pilsner and Czech Dark malts. It lagered for six weeks before canning to marry the malt and hops into a cola, cocoa, bready, herbal harmony. Order 4-pack $16

Stalks – Rhubarb Sour – 5.9% ABV ($18 – 500mL BOTTLE): Rhubarb is a weed, but at least it’s a tasty weed! Culinarily, too often it lives in the shadow of strawberries, but it deserves to be in the spotlight once in a while! We selected two tart pale sours both aged for more than a year in port-barrels to showcase the subtle green apple and berry fruitiness of fresh rhubarb stalks. Order 500 mL Bottle/$16

Beam of Light – Extra Pale Ale – 6.0% ABV ($3/6): Mike’s first homebrewed NEIPA back in 2015 was dry-hopped with Galaxy and Simcoe. They are two of our most-used varieties and yet it took us until now to brew our first commercial batch with them together! The combination is super-tropical with the mango notes of Simcoe blending with the passionfruit of Galaxy. The hops lay in a soft bed of barley, oats, and wheat. A little extra-juicy thanks to a strain that produces beautiful apricot notes. Order 4-pack $17

Threat Level Midnight – Scottish Stout 6.5% ABV ($3/6): We were inspired to make a “stout” version of the toasty-caramel-forward ales of Scotland. For malt we relied on Golden Promise bolstered by both light and dark caramel malts all from Scotland. While a Scottish Export might have a touch of black barley for color, we added considerably more. The result is roasted barley notes of coffee and chocolate on the nose with rich dark fruit and bready malt on the palate. Order 4-pack $16

Threat Level Morning – Coffee Stout 6.5% ABV ($6 – 16oz CAN): While we love massive hulking dark beers, sometimes you want to drink a whole can of stout by yourself! Despite its restrained strength, we don’t sacrifice malt-intensity or body. The base stout was inspired by Scottish ales with Golden Promise pale malt, dark caramel malt, and roasted barley. We add a twist with coffee beans locally roasted by Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville MD and then added mere days before canning. The coffee intensifies the chocolate-notes from the malt, while bringing its own grape and dried fruit aromatics. Order 4-pack $17

Cherry Growing Season (Vintage 2020) – Kriek-inspired 6.7% ABV ($20 – 500mL BOTTLE): Our cherry beer from 2020 used the same sweet and sour cherries as Opulence from Milburn Orchards. That’s where the similarities end though, the base for this one is paler and less malty all aged in wine barrels. A truer expression of the cherries, with less competing. In House Only

Golden Granny – Cider 6.8% ABV ($12 – 500mL BOTTLE): Pressed from a blend of Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, York, and Ida Red apples from Virginia. Fermented with our house culture. The result is tart and snappy, with a bright apple-forward aroma followed by some earthiness. Order 500 mL Bottle/$10

Simcoe Simpatico – Hazy IPA – 6.9% ABV ($7 -16oz CAN): Sapwood loves Simcoe!
Its smell is saturated citrus, spruce,
mangoes. Some hops taste lackluster solo, conversely Simcoe is spectacular! Smooth oats support Simcoe’s bitterness, plus English yeast provides synergistic esters.

3S4MP – Hazy IPA – 7.0% ABV ($3.5/7): This is an IPA so packed we flavor that we couldn’t brew it alone! Our friends from Fiden’s Brewing Co. (Colonie, NY) helped create this recipe with two fantastic ingredients from New Zealand: Nelson Sauvin hops and dried Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The result is ridiculous! Loaded with notes of gooseberry from the hops, passionfruit from the fermentation, and white grape from the grapes! Order 4-pack $19

False Peak – Hazy IPA – 7.5% ABV ($3.5/7): We’ve done everything we can to maximize hop aroma, so for this IPA we tweaked our recipe and process to get the malt out of the way. We switched to Pilsner malt and lowered the residual sweetness. We compensated by adding spelt malt for mouthfeel and reducing hop bitterness. Finally we dry hopped cold with varieties that bring to mind pineapples and tangerines! Order 4-pack $18

Opulence 2021 – Sour Red with Cherries – 7.6% ABV ($18 – 500 ml BOTTLE): With each step of the brewing process our goal was to saturate Opulence with rich dark fruit flavors. We began with a base of toasted and caramelized European malts to deliver fig and plum. Fermentation with a red wine strain enhanced the jamminess of the early dose of dried sour cherries. Aging in Bourbon and red wine barrels creates oaky depth. A final infusion of fresh local sweet and sour cherries from Milburn Orchard (Elkton, MD) instills a bright cherry pie aroma. In House Only

Elliptical Orbit 2021 – Fall Dark Sour – 7.8% ABV ($5.5/11 -5/10 oz): In 2008 Mike and his friend Alex Howe began a tradition of homebrewing Dark Funky Saisons each fall. The recipe and results evolving and revolving over a decade. Elliptical Orbit 2021 is our scaled-up spin on the first iteration, with the deep dark flavor of dehusked roasted malt, the earthiness of a mixed-culture fermentation in oak, and the vibrancy of homegrown rosemary and fresh orange zest. The third entry in a renewed tradition! Order 375 mL Bottle/$16

Opulence 2019 – Sour Red with Cherries – 7.8% ABV ($20 – 500mL BOTTLE): Our first batch of Opulence, bottled in 2019! This batch was earthier and more leathery than the fresh 2021 batch we just released, especially with two years to develop in the bottle. The malt is more pronounced and the acidity more restrained. In House Only

Elliptical Orbit 2020 – Dark Sour with Figs – 7.8% ABV ($20 – 500mL BOTTLE): Elliptical Orbit 2020 is our scaled-up spin on the second iteration, with bready dark malts, rye, and Black Mission figs. We aged it in Maryland Chambourcin red wine barrels for 10 months. The result is layered with earthy rye, bright acidity, rich dark fruit, and leathery Brett.  In House Only

Elliptical Orbit 2019 – Dark Sour with Currants and Dates – 8.0% ABV ($20 – 500mL BOTTLE): Elliptical Orbit 2019 had cold-steeped dark malts, Zante currants, and dates. We aged it in Maryland Chambourcin red wine barrels for more than a year. The result is layered with dried fruit, bright acidity, cocoa maltiness, and leathery Brett. The first entry in a renewed tradition. In House Only

Pillowfort – Hazy DIPA – 8.5% ABV ($8 – 16oz CAN): Pillowfort is a fluffy cloud of tropical hops. Dry hopped twice with Citra and Azacca for aromatics that remind of us of grapefruit, cantaloupe, and stonefruit. Our house English yeast provides just a hint of vanilla to create a rich treat. Order 4-pack $20

Combo Wombo – Hazy DIPA – 8.6% ABV ($4/8): For this DIPA we selected two varieties that bring dankness and fruit. Strata leans citrusy-tropical while Mosaic tends towards berry. The combination oozes modern New England tropical and classic Pacific Northwest herb on the nose, with eruptive tangerine and blueberry hop flavor on the palate. Order 4-pack $20

Cheater X3 – Hazy Triple IPA – 9.5% ABV ($10 – 16oz CAN): For our 1st anniversary in 2019 we brewed an IPA hopped with a financially-irresponsible amount of our two favorite hops: Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. Last year we doubled the recipe for our 2nd anniversary, and this year tripled it for our 3rd anniversary! The result is loaded with aromatics that remind us of passion fruit, gooseberry, and citrus. Order 4-pack $22

Half the World – Wine-Beer Hybrid – 10.0% ABV ($3/6 – 5/10 oz): We added Phantasm and Sauvignon Blanc grape juice to enhance that wine-like expression while also cutting the maltiness of the beer. The result brings together the crackery and grassy flavors of malt and hops with the rhubarb and passion fruit flavors of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Order 4-pack $24

Molé’d – Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout – 10.0% ABV ($10 – 16 oz CAN): An Imperial Stout for the summer? Infused with ancho and guajillo peppers for their dried fruit flavor, and a little bit of heat. The buttery-cinnamon aroma of Brazilian amburana wood balances the chiles. The finish is creamy drinking-chocolate from cacao and vanilla. The base stout is low-bitterness and features chocolate wheat malt to reinforce the Mexican-inspired chocolate flavor. Order 2-pack $14

Lord Rupert is Nuts – Imperial Stout with Almonds and Vanilla Beans – 10% ABV ($4/8 – 5/10 oz): We started with Lord Rupert Everton, our English-inspired imperial stout. We then conditioned the biscuity-roasty stout on hundreds of pounds of toasted almonds and heaps of Madagascar vanilla beans. The result tastes like a liquified chocolate and caramel covered almond! Order 2-pack $14

Old Nails – Stock Ale – 12.2% ABV ($18 – 375 mL BOTTLE): Once in a great while we “pull a nail” from a barrel that is so singularly delicious that we can’t improve it. Old Nails is Barrel #46, unblended and uncarbonated. The peculiar base beer was inspired by English Stock Ale and Belgian Oud Bruin. Allow it to warm in your glass releasing the aromas of fig from the malt, leather from the house culture, and oak to fill your nose. The balance of mild acidity, caramel sweetness, and red fruit on the palate isn’t quite likely any other beer we’ve tasted! Order 375 mL Bottle/$16

** Variants are only available for grolwer fills to 2021 Sap and Founders Club members.

ᴳ Enzymatically Treated to Remove Gluten 

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Sabro Says Azacca – Hazy Pale Ale –6.0% ABV ($3/6): Sabro says coconut! So many American hops lie in the citrus-pine flavor spectrum, so it’s fun to use a variety that falls so far from the expected! Sabro has a rich flavor and aroma with woody and tropical notes layered on coconut cream. We paired it with Azacca to reinforce those tropical-mango aromatics with a twist of mandarin. The base is a little lower bitterness than our typical Extra Pales to provide a complimentary creamy mouthfeel and high drinkability.

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