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Wood Club Renewals

For 2022, each Wood club membership comes with two 500 mL bottles of eight barrel-aged sour/funky bottle releases at no extra cost. This will include at least two releases exclusive to club members – using fruits and other ingredients too rare or costly for large batches. We won’t have a set release schedule as the beers will tell us when they are ready, but we’ll allow semi-annual pickups. Plus $2-off and priority access to pre-purchase limited sour beers and ciders before the general public! As the club merch we’ll be doing either a custom beer cooler or a hand-thrown mug for 2022!

We can’t guarantee any of the beers below given the vagaries of sour beer magic and fruit sourcing but these are some of the beers we have in the works for 2022.

Bottles we plan to include:

  • Maryland-grown Magness Pear Rye Saison
  • Meyer Lemon Zest Pale Sour
  • Gin Barrel Pale with Cryo Dry Hopping
  • Blend of Barrel-Aged Stout and Sour Red (Inspired by Order to Chaos #2)
  • Merlot-Cabernet Grape Sour
  • Bissell Brothers Collab Sauvignon Blanc Barrel-Aged Pale Sour with Phantasm Powder
  • Black Sour with Berries
  • Aslin Collab Sour with Peaches and Nectarines

Other potential releases of old favorites and new projects:

  • First Spontaneous Fermentation Blend
  • There Are No Edges
  • Reality Is Frequently Inaccurate
  • Cherry Growing Season
  • Elliptical Orbit 2022
  • Barrel-aged Full Measure

The Cellars Add-on

New for 2022 is an add-on Cellars option that includes bottles of and discounts on our “clean” barrel-aged barrel program: stouts, barleywines, wheat wines, imperial porters etc. Each membership includes one bottle each of six releases (including two club-exclusive) with priority access and 10%-off additional bottles of all releases. Given the relatively small size of the program there may not be many bottles that escape the club!

Bottles we plan to include:

  • Apple Brandy Barrel Imperial Stout with Walnuts
  • Bourbon Barrel Stout with Geisha Coffee
  • Rye Barrel Stout with Vanilla Beans
  • Cognac Barrel English Barleywine
  • BSCV (Bourbon Stout Coconut Vanilla)
  • Imperial Stout “Cuvee” of our favorite Barrels

Other potential releases already in barrels:

  • Sherry-Rye Barrel Lagered Wheat Wine
  • Sherry-Rye Barrel Lagered Wheat Wine with Berries
  • Armagnac-Rye Barrel English Barleywine
  • Wheated Bourbon Barrel with Peanut and Chocolate

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