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On Saturday 12/26 we’ll release bottles of Stallion Cover (and have a keg to tap)! To create it, we aged a rye saison for a few months in stainless steel before blending with a pale sour we’d had in wine barrels since early-2019. The saison cut the oakiness of the barrels while balancing the acidity of the beer. We expect this one to continue evolving as the microbes from the two get to know each other. The name is a classier take on the standard descriptor “horse blanket” for the funky-farmyard aromatics created by Brettanomyces. It was coined unintentionally by a knock-off version of Mike’s book: American Sour Beers

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Stallion Cover – $12/500 mL bottle

Blend of Sour Ales aged in Stainless Steel and Wine Barrels.

Stallion Cover is a blend of two threads: 45% young rye saison aged in stainless steel, and 55% old wine-barrel-aged pale sour brewed with unmalted wheat and aged hops. The result is a beer with tartness and fruitiness that will continue to evolve as time passes, developing funkier and earthier aromatics. “Horse blanket” describes the earthy aromatics produced by Brettanomyces. The knock-off version of Mike’s American Sour Beers book substituted a variety of words to obscure their theft, but the best was to rebrand it to the classier Stallion Cover.

Brewed: 2019 & 2020 – Bottled: 8/19/20
Alc/Vol: 7.7% – Final pH: 3.32
Bottle Count: 1,356 – Cellar: 5 years

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