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Memberships in our Wood Clubs until the end of 2021!

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The 2021 Wood Club is pretty similar to 2020, each membership comes with two 500 mL bottles each of eight barrel-aged sour/funky bottle releases at no extra cost. This will include at least two releases exclusive to club members – using fruits and other ingredients too rare or costly for large batches. We won’t have a set release schedule as the beers will tell us when they are ready, but we’ll allow semi-annual pickups. Plus $2 off and priority access to pre-purchase limited sour beers before the general public! We’ll be creating custom tasting glass sets for this year, we miss bottles share too… 

We anticipate an even less-compressed schedule and more releases now that we’re going into the year with more than 70 barrels filled! We can’t guarantee any of the beers below given the vagaries of sour beer magic and fruit sourcing but these are some of the beers we have in the works for 2021:

  • Sour saison with foraged wineberries (collab with Old Westminster Winery)
  • Wine-barrel pale sour with local pears and white wine grapes
  • ~13% ABV dark sour in Bourbon and Rye barrels
  • Gin-barrel sour red with herbal honey
  • Port-barrel pale sour on plums
  • Wine-barrel pale sour on peaches and apricots (Aslin Collab)
  • Opulence Batch #2 (Sour red with sour cherries)
  • Elliptical Orbit 2021 (Dark sour with dried fruit)
  • 3-year blend of pale sours

This club will run from January 1st through December 31st 2021. Members will have the right of first refusal for membership in the club’s next year.

Wood Club membership does not include any of the benefits of the Sap Club.

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