2021 Sap Club Renewal


Membership for One in the Sap Club for 2021.

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We hope that despite how the rest of 2020 has gone, that your Sap Club membership provided some distraction. However, we know many of you weren’t able to use your tasting room discounts as much as you expected. As a result, we’re offering $25-off for anyone who renews during the preview window which runs through November 16th.

Rather than offer Sap club members a flat discount on growlers and full pours, we’re moving to 10%-off pretty much everything! Half-pours, 10%-off. 4-pack, 10%-off. Crowlers, growlers, full pours, and even merch all 10%-off! Pretty much the only things the discount won’t apply to are bottles, gift cards, and experiences. Same benefits to pre-order cans that we’ll hold for a couple weeks so you can avoid the mad rush of release days.

With our increased focus on canning and crowlering, we’re doing away with the Magic Growler. Sap Club members will still be able to get a fill of most special limited beers in any growler though! We’ll continue to have variant crowlers most weeks, with a majority of the yield going to club members.

You have until the end-of-day November 16th to decide whether you want to renew your Club membership before remaining memberships are opened to the general public. This club will run from January 1st through December 31st 2021. Members will have the right of first refusal for membership in the club’s next year.

Given the circumstances, we won’t be holding our annual holiday party this December. We hope to though in December 2021, so that will be the party that club members will be able to order tickets for before the general public. Same goes for our third Anniversary Party next September.

Most of the money from Sap club sales this year will be going towards equipment to ensure the most consistent and delicious beer we can produce. This means adding things like a precise dissolved oxygen meter, to ensure the beers stay tasting fresh longer!