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On Tap Now (Updated 1/19)

Little by Slowly – 3.6% ABV: Our first sour beer! This Berliner weisse undergoes a mixed-fermented followed by natural carbonation in the keg! The flavors include tart from the Lactobacillus, fresh bread dough from the wheat malt and no-boil, and a hint of lemon from Brettanomyces.

Little by Currants*  – 3.8% ABV: Our tasting room manager Spencer went rogue! He’d talked about referementing our Berliner Weisse, Little by Slowly, on freeze-dried currants a few weeks ago, then we showed up to the brewery one morning and it was done! He layered in more color and flavor with hibiscus, tangelo zest, and finished it off with a touch of Australian Enigma hops in the keg! The combination is vibrant, both in color and flavor, with notes of red wine, cranberries, and tropical fruit!

Suite MNO – 4.5% ABV: A brightly-fruity wheat beer with aromatics of watermelon and bubblegum. A similar concept to the beer it replaced (8980 Rt. 108), but with El Dorado hops and fermentation by a blend of English and Belgian strains. 

Unhook Yourself – 4.9% ABV: Scott took one of his gold medal winning homebrew recipes and scaled it up for the brewhouse. A little toastier than our standard grain selection, with the addition of German Vienna malt. Dry hopped with Amarillo and Centennial, to walk the line between classic and modern American Session IPAs.

Cheater Hops #4 Simcoe-Citra – 6.7% ABV: Our newest iteration of the cheater hops series goes back to our house yeast but this time the vanilla of RVA Manchester is layered with Simcoe and Citra hops! The tangerine, passion fruit, and light pine characteristics play with the mild pithy bitterness of this IPA. Still soft and juicy from the addition of the oats in the grist, this Cheater has a crisp lingering of tropical fruit rinds.

Threat Level Midnight – 7.4% ABV: Our first stout! We took a recipe for a Scottish Wee Heavy and stout-ified it. All the ingredients were from the UK, including Golden Promise pale malt and roasted barley. We boiled some of the sweet wort to a syrup creating intense caramelized flavors.

Concentric Rings – 8.1% ABV: Double Rings! We took our 100% Citra dry hopped pale ale, Rings of Light and used 150% of the malt and 200% of the dry hops to add even more decadence to one of our favorite bills! Still Citra forward with notes of tangerine and orange mingling with soft malted oats and notes of vanilla from the RVA for a soft but creamy drinking experience.

* Variants are only available for growler fills to Sap or Founders club members in their Magic Growler.

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